A drunken police officer may face a higher penalty. The injury to one of the girls is more serious


She suffered a broken leg after being attacked by a police officer, ended up in the hospital and even had to undergo surgery. Her treatment subsequently dragged on, which is an aggravating circumstance for the suspect.

“There was some longer recovery, because she got screws in her ankle and has to continue rehabilitating after the operation,” another of the injured women and a witness to the attack, who is in contact with some of the victims, told Novinka on Tuesday.

A girl attacked by a drunk policeman had to be operated on

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Although the General Inspection of the Security Forces (GIBS) has begun to examine the case for possible disorderly conduct according to initial information, according to the criminal code, the police officer could also commit bodily harm by his actions. And in this crime, the time of treatment of the victim’s injury plays an important role.

If it is longer than six weeks, which could also be the case, the offender faces a significantly higher sentence – two to eight years – instead of the original six months to three years in prison.

In theory, the inspectorate could also reclassify the case as a crime of grievous bodily harm, where the penalty is even three to ten years. But there she would have to prove that it was the suspect’s intention to injure the girl.

According to Novinek’s findings, the GIBS investigator is now collecting the latest information and documents from the injured women and is preparing to charge the police officer.

“We are writing and signing the last documents that the investigator requested from us so that the suspect can be charged,” said one of the injured young women on Tuesday.

Aggressive in the company and in front of it

On the night of February 17, a group of four people, including a drunk policeman from the Patrol Service Department of the Prague I police and his partner, also a policewoman, came to a bar on Nádražní street in Prague’s Smíchov, where they had arrived from a police ball.

According to witnesses, a drunken man dressed in a ceremonial police uniform became aggressive in the bar and physically attacked several girls and women as well as members of the security guard.

A drunken policeman in a ceremonial uniform dragged a girl by her hair on the street in Prague

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“He pressed me against the bar, held me there and restrained me. He behaved unpleasantly and was drunk. I pushed him away from me and told him to stop touching me, but he was pushing me, so I left the bar because it made me uncomfortable,” explained the young woman, who was subsequently attacked by the policeman’s partner.

“First, he and his girlfriend beat up two girls on the lower floor, then on the way up he gave a few blows to the bouncers, and then I met them at the door and was hit by his girlfriend, completely unexpectedly,” said the witness.

She added that she and the pair attacked a total of seven people, five women and two members of the bar’s security.

One of the victims was a 19-year-old girl, whose brutal attack by a drunken policeman was recorded by witnesses on a mobile phone, and two weeks ago this almost minute-long recording became public.

Policewoman still on duty

While the policeman, whose colleagues measured 2.6 per thousand of alcohol in his breath at the scene of the crime, was subsequently removed from duty by his superior and is conducting disciplinary proceedings against him to be relieved of duty, this has not yet happened in the case of his policewoman girlfriend.

“We are still waiting for GIBS to evaluate whether it sees this policewoman’s actions as a misdemeanor or a crime. Depending on what the inspection decides, we will deal with her case. Until then, he remains on duty,” Prague police spokesman Jan Daněk told Novinka on Tuesday.

A witness about a drunk policeman: He and his girlfriend attacked seven people

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