After the weekend, the Czech Republic will be cleaner. On Saturday, thousands of people are going to clean up the garbage


On Saturday, volunteers are going to clean up in forests, along roads and cycle paths and in many other places as part of the Clean up the Czech Republic event. She traditionally helps to clean up garbage wherever it is needed after winter. The organizers of the event are already registering over 3,600 cleanings throughout the country.

Although the event, under the leadership of the association Ukliďme Česko, takes place twice a year, always in spring and autumn, the results show that the Czech Republic is still not very clean and garbage does not disappear in nature.

But the problem with garbage is not only in the Czech Republic, the statistics of the World Cleanup Day, which is supported by Ukliďme Česko in the Czech Republic, show that volunteers remove hundreds of thousands of tons of waste from nature every year. During the last big clean-up on September 16 last year, volunteers from all over the world they removed over 205 thousand tons of waste.

A large part of the volunteers are children and young people, thanks to the wide involvement of schools. “This year, it is again a record number of volunteers. We were also very pleasantly surprised by the involvement of schools, thanks to which 75% of all volunteers were children and youth,” Miroslav Kubásek said last November on behalf of the organizers of the event.

People can now clean up on Saturday still register on the website of the Clean up the Czech Republic event. Those who managed to register their event earlier could also receive bags, gloves and other necessary equipment for the clean-up from the organizers and their partners.

Although the main clean-up day is planned for the aforementioned Saturday, April 6, people can participate at any time. It is often enough to just pick up trash on a trip in the forest or on the way to work. Their removal will help not only nature, but also a more pleasant stay in it.

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