The police charged five drug dealers from Pilsen and Tachovsk


Police officers from TOXI teams carried out a successful intervention against drug crime in the Pilsen region. The five dealers are now facing charges of committing the offense of illegal production and other handling of narcotic and psychotropic substances

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Police officers from the criminal police and investigation service of the Tachov Regional Department, the Plzeň – Rural Regional Department and the Municipal Police Directorate of Pilsen managed to track down and arrest several drug dealers. Five of them were subsequently accused of committing the offense of illegal production and other handling of narcotic and psychotropic substances and poisons.

“Policemen from the so-called TOXI teams worked on the cases in cooperation with other police units. The TOXI team is part of the criminal police and investigation service and is made up of experienced investigators and selected criminalists, who together form an important component of the fight against drug crime. Their task is to detect illegal laboratories (so-called breweries) and drug manufacturers, nurseries and growers of plants containing narcotic or psychotropic substances, at the same time to eliminate the activities of dealers and distributors of preparations containing these substances and to identify persons who help them in this illegal activity,” she said police spokesperson Michaela Raindlová.

The couple has to leave the house, and the city offers help. So far unsuccessful

The TOXI team in Tachovsk, in cooperation with other police officers, arrested three people who were responsible for the distribution of meth and marijuana. In the first case, the police commissioner initiated criminal prosecution of two men aged 38 and 43, when, according to the facts established so far, the younger of them bought meth, which he then sold to at least 28 people. He provided them with more than 160 grams of this drug. “The man had a plastic bag with methamphetamine when he was arrested, and during a search of his home, detectives found another plastic bag, this time with dry plant material. The older of the accused men was dealing in meth from at least December of last year until March of this year. He procured the drug from the first accused and then distributed it. During the second police operation, the Tachov criminal police arrested a 40-year-old man who was procuring meth and then distributing it to other people. “During a house search, the police found bags with meth and over half a kilogram of marijuana,” the police spokeswoman said.

Elementary school in Bor.

The teacher from Bor ended up in custody. He is accused of endangering the upbringing of a child

The policemen from the Plzeň Countryside Territorial Department also claimed another hit. They accused the only 18-year-old man, who, according to the facts established so far, should have sold marijuana for several thousand crowns in at least 95 cases since last March and meth in at least 10 cases. The young man even had to make the drug himself. During a search of his home, the police found dry plant material, which is now the subject of further investigation.

The latest accused is a 33-year-old man from Pilsen, who sold tens of grams of meth and tens of grams of marijuana to at least seven people over the course of several months. You have thus come to more than 60 thousand crowns. He sold drugs in various places of the regional city. Here, too, the operative activity of the police officers from Pilsen has proven itself TOXI team and other police forces. “If proven guilty, the accused men face up to five years in prison,” added Michaela Raindlová.


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