The first team from Italy arrived at the Doosan Arena


Last week we welcomed very special guests from the team Macron Warriors Sabbioneta thanks to the cooperation with Macron at Doosan Aren. It was an unforgettable experience for twenty disabled athletes and, after Viktorka, a good test in the duel with Fiorentina.

Thanks to the great cooperation with our technical partner, the company Macron came to Doosan Aren for a unique meeting. On a tour of the stadium, they were visited by the Macron Warriors Sabbbioneta team of disabled athletes who had fun in the Czech Republic at a floorball tournament. As a surprise, it was timely to meet the players Luke erv and Tom Chor, who exchanged jerseys with the Warriors.

The tour of the stadium, the playing field and the club museum was appreciated by the club president Fabio Merlini, for whom it was a great pleasure to meet the players. He also promised that the whole team would keep his fingers crossed for Viktoria even during the fights in the European Conference League with Fiorentina.

The stadium is hot. It made a big impression on us all and I think you have a lot of new fans in Italy from now on, added manager Claudio de Felice.


“It was a nice meeting and I was surprised by how much information our guest had. They were interested in Trninko’s process, the preparation for the match and we also discussed our past fights with the Italian teams. They knew for a long time that we beat the champion AS m in the League , said Tom Chor, who, together with Luke Erve, also took a picture and wore the symbolic jersey of the Warriors Sabbioneta team.


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