A hedge fire ended with a man being burned



The injured man had to be airlifted to a burn clinic

Today, after one o’clock in the afternoon, all the emergency services went to Vejprnice, where a fire was reported in a thuja tree on the edge of the property of one of the houses in the street in Chrasty.

A man tried to put out the fire on the spot, but he suffered burns to his face and hands and had to be taken into the care of paramedics. Due to the man’s condition, the helicopter of the air rescue service was also called to the scene.

“A man born in 1948 was transported by air to the burn clinic of Královská Vinohrady in Prague with approximately second-degree burns and was conscious,” the spokesman for the rescuers told us.

In the meantime, firefighters located and extinguished the hedge fire, which spread to an area of ​​approximately 6×2 meters.

The police are currently investigating the circumstances of the incident, we will add their statement as soon as it becomes available.

ANDwe update:
“A man born in 1948 was burning thuja roots on his property, when one of these trees caught fire and a fire broke out. The man was unable to move away from the burning wood and was burned.”
added the police spokesperson.

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