Shooting at FF: The tragedy had a significant psychological impact on 9,000 people. Hundreds of experts helped


During the shooting at the faculty in the center of Prague last year on December 21, 14 people, including students and teachers, lost their lives. After the attack, the perpetrator, who according to the police was a student of the faculty, committed suicide. The murders in Klánovické les and Central Bohemia’s Hostoun were also related to the perpetrator of the shooting at the faculty. Psychologists and interventionists also provided support to people affected by these events, and the police included this in the issued report.

“A total of 54 psychologists and interventionists from the IZS provided crisis intervention on site and in hospitals in the first 24 hours after the shooting at the FF UK, in the first week there were around 190 experts from the IZS and partner organizations. Psychologists and interventionists of the IZS and partner organizations provided direct crisis intervention for almost 1,000 affected persons in the first week, already in connection with all the acts committed by the perpetrator,” the police said. Another 750 people contacted emergency telephone lines for help.

By mid-February, the police registered over 6,500 interventions provided, but according to her, it is not easy to quantify all forms of psychological support. “A sober professional estimate speaks of the number of at least 4,000 individuals who received interventions and other services in the field of mental health in connection with the shooting incident at the FF UK,” the police calculated. Although the police ended the role of coordinator of psychosocial assistance at the end of January and transferred the coordination to the university, the support of those affected has not ended and continues in the medium-term phase.

New footage: The sniper had the killer from FF in his sights. He killed himself while the students were crouching on the ledge! Police of the Czech Republic

According to police estimates, the shooting and related events had a significant psychological impact on 9,000 people. The police remind us that they unsecured residents of Klánovice, other universities and medical facilities, among others. Subsequently, there were cases of threats of violence at various schools and medical facilities.

From the police, 43 psychologists and crisis interventionists participated in the assistance. They communicated with the bereaved, affected students and faculty staff, assisted in handing over personal belongings left in the faculty building or during commemorative events. The police officers who intervened at the scene of the tragedy also received a repeated offer of support.

Faculty of Arts, January 2024.

Author: Lightning: Martin Přibyl

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