The children’s singing competition has its winners | News

The children’s singing competition has its winners | News
The children’s singing competition has its winners | News

As in previous years, this year the competition took place at KC Vozovna in Žižkov from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. In this district round, the children were divided into four categories according to classes. On the first day, children from the first to third grades sang, on the second day, the fourth to ninth grades took to the stage.

Their singing performances were then evaluated by an expert jury composed of: soloist of the National Theater Lucie Hájková, teacher at the Jaroslav Ježek Conservatory and Higher Vocational School Ivana Portlová, accompanist Eliška Vostrá. At the end, the three best of each category were presented with diplomas from the hands of expert judges, and the other children received honorable mentions for their participation and something good for their teeth.


Category 0 (1st class)

  1. Tamara Šebková (ZŠ Chmelnice)
  2. Adéla Mehrle (ZŠ Chmelnice)
  3. Aida Ahmad (ZŠ nám. Jiřího z Poděbrady) and David Mrlík (ZŠ Chmelnice)

Category 1 (2nd-3rd class)

  1. Beata Jarolímová (ZŠ Jarov)
  2. Filip Smíšek (Primary School of Jiřího z Poděbrady)
  3. Anna Hodboďová (ZŠ Jeseniova)

Category 2 (4th-5th grade)

  1. Sára Luz (ZŠ Jarov)
  2. Anežka Hájková (ZŠ Chmelnice)
  3. Jakub Týc (ZŠ Lupáčová)

Category 3 (6th-7th grade)

  1. Lucie Pham (ZŠ Chmelnice)
  2. Lucie Mašínová (ZŠ Chmelnice)
  3. Josefína Šolcová (ZŠ Chmelnice)

Category 4 + musical (8th-9th grade + musical)

  1. Anna Nácovská (ZŠ Lupáčova)
  2. Artur Kochaniček (Jaroslav Seifert Primary and Kindergarten)
  3. Zuzana Ester Čopová (Jaroslav Seifert Primary and Kindergarten)

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