In times of expensive energy, Czechs are turning to wood, waiting lists are also being created

“With the state enterprise Lesy ČR, we are trying to minimize the effects of the energy crisis on the citizens of the Czech Republic. Heating with wood is not a solution for everyone, but it is one of the options for the upcoming heating season, especially for people who live in family houses,” said the head of the department Zdeněk Nekula (KDU-ČSL) in a press release from the Ministry of Agriculture (MZe).

Forests of the Czech Republic, which in the first quarter almost quadrupled its gross profit to 2.26 billion crowns, register a huge interest in wood throughout the country. This year, people have already bought 28,000 cubic meters of logs from forest warehouses and 191,000 cubic meters of wood as part of self-production (people can harvest the wood themselves – editor’s note).

“We understand people’s concerns about the energy crisis, so we try to satisfy those interested. We didn’t even raise prices in the third quarter. However, the current demand significantly exceeds the supply, and somewhere, especially around big cities, we even have waiting lists. It depends on the region. For example, in Vysočina or in northern Bohemia, where the calamity is fading away, we have plenty of firewood,” said Jiří Groda, head of Forests of the Czech Republic.

Wood costs three times as much, people stock up


The company has published detailed price lists for wood on its website website. People can buy the cheapest for as little as one hundred crowns per cubic meter. Prices vary depending on the type of wood and the thickness of the trunk. “The greatest interest is in hardwood, i.e. oak, beech, ash, hornbeam, maple or cherry or acacia,” says the Ministry of Education.

There is also interest in other wood fuels

Since last autumn, Czechs have started to buy a lot of not only wood, but also other wood fuels. For example, pellet production in the Czech Republic grew by a record 11 percent year-on-year in the first quarter of 2022.

“The interest in wood and wood pellets in the Czech Republic is still growing significantly. Heating with wood fuels is now the cheapest, and the huge advantage is that it is a local fuel. In April, when we started to worry about gas cuts, but the demand for wood fuels started to grow enormously everywhere in Europe, some customers even started ordering fuel for more than one heating season, which does not help the situation,” the chairman of the Czech cluster told Novinkám already at the beginning of August pellet Vladimír Stupavský.

The State Military Forests and Farms of the Czech Republic increased its profit ninefold last year


According to him, the price has increased by 80 to 100 percent in the last 12 months. However, due to the critical situation on the energy market and the frequent price increases of energy suppliers, it is still a more advantageous purchase.

At the same time, Stupavský pointed out that the huge demand for wood fuels erased the usual trend of bargain shopping, when wood fuels were up to a fifth cheaper in the summer and a fifth more expensive in the winter. “This was true when the market was not disrupted by covid, bark beetle and the war in Ukraine. Now there are no winter and summer prices,” he added.

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