Two days, two records. EuroBasket attracted the highest number of visitors in Czech history

Fan girl in Polish hell

But it has only one flaw, but a significant one. They did not receive the wins, i.e. the overwhelming majority of the Czech ones. In the match against Poland, not only the players but also the fans lost at times. Hundreds of Polish fans arrived in the Czech capital and the course of the match gave them the impression that they were on horseback. God forbid that some Czech fan finds himself in their cauldron.

Martin Peterka: We did what we could. But the Serbs showed extra class

“At times I felt like I was in Poland and not at home. As the opponent got into a blockbuster, their fans unleashed red and white hell. In addition, they stood in front of me and from the balcony you could not see the playground. Their drum and megaphone are still humming in my ears: Poland, Poland… I wished more than ever that we would win,” Růžena Kočíncová describes her impressions of the Polish “sector”.

From the scoreboard, peaking among the spectators could appear to be motivational. “Poland is close. It was expected that many of his fans would arrive. At least it wasn’t one-sided in the audience. I personally like this kind of competition between fans. It only improves the atmosphere,” says Czech winger Vít Krejčí, who made his debut at the big event and immediately with such a Czech wind at his back.

Source: Daily/Zdeněk Zamastil

“I was pleasantly surprised by the atmosphere. Thank you very much to the fans and I’m sorry. I promise them that we will keep fighting,” Ondřej Balvín sent a message to the basketball nation, which he followed through with his teammates.

Twenty-four hours passed and the O2 arena was filled to capacity. In front of the hall, it looked as if a demonstration should take place in Prague. From four o’clock, fans were pouring from the Českomoravská metro station, forming different groups in front of the turnstiles. First, however, they had to avoid the Finns and Poles, who, on the contrary, flowed underground after a mutual clash. The Czech fans in front of the arena clearly outnumbered the Serbian minority. The loudest were the drummers of the club Sršni Písek.

Fantastic support

The backdrop in the hall resembled NBA games. Not only was it sold out, but the presenter tirelessly kept the audience “in the know” even during the various breaks. While against Poland, the Czech fans were dismayed by the surprising development of the match and often left the initiative to the opponent, the Serbs clearly drowned out the crowd. Much credit goes to them for not abandoning their team in any condition. Even when he was losing by an abysmal twenty-three points. It was the boisterous appreciation for every basket or defensive action of the opponent that energized their team.

“I certainly haven’t played in a better atmosphere in the Czech Republic. People have been getting involved, which I’m happy about. They supported us fantastically throughout the match. I am very happy that so many of them came and hopefully they will help us in the next matches as well,” reflects Czech quarterback Ondřej Sehnal.

VIDEO: Lions go to battle again. A packed O2 arena drives them against Serbia

How does a player on the board feel when his basket sky good action is appreciated by such masses of people? “One has goosebumps. It was great and I don’t know if 15 thousand fans in the Czech Republic will just come to basketball. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I left absolutely everything there for the Czech nation, and I think I can say the same for the rest of the team. With a team that belongs to the top three in Europe, with the best player in the world, we fought excellently,” Sehnal claims.

His colleague and teammate, also from Braunschweig, Germany, Martin Peterka, unlike him, remembers all the epic battles of Czech basketball players in the golden era. He played in the quarter-finals of the World Championship and at the Olympic Games.

Source: Daily/Zdeněk Zamastil

“It was the best match of my career because of the atmosphere. There have never been so many people cheering for our team. It was surreal and unforgettable. I would like to thank all the fans for coming, but especially for cheering us on throughout the match. It’s just a shame we couldn’t give them a win. But we showed that we can play our game. I hope that a lot of people will come to the next matches as well,” wishes Martin Peterka.

On Monday against the Netherlands and on Thursday against Israel, the Czechs will once again have a significant advantage in the audience. But they should mobilize before Tuesday’s clash with Finland. It is said that around five thousand Suomi supporters came to Prague for the EuroBasket. And they don’t hesitate to shout over the opponent’s camp anywhere. Not even on the escalators in the subway…

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