MHMP: Prague will support the operation of cultural facilities, which were also affected by the increase in energy prices

06/09/2022 10:06 | Press Release

Council of the head The city of Prague has approved the Program to support the operation of cultural facilities in connection with the increase in energy prices for the year 2022. For this purpose, a total of CZK 30 million will be allocated.

MHMP: Prague will support the operation of cultural facilities, which were also affected by the increase in energy prices
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With this step, Prague is trying to mitigate the economic impact on the operators of cultural institutions and help preserve their continued functioning.


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“Prague is a city of culture, it is visited by local people and at the same time attracts cultured tourists. During covid, we kept theaters and galleries alive, and we will not let cultural facilities fall even now, at a time of rising energy prices,” says Hana Třeštíková, head councilor. city ​​of Prague for culture and tourism.

The capital has decided to financially support cultural facilities in its territory due to the current extraordinary increase in energy prices, which is causing a high increase in operating costs. The support will concern those cultural facilities that have been demonstrably affected by the increase in energy prices compared to the period prior to 2022 and is intended for entities that operate spaces for culture and are already recipients of subsidies from the main of Prague for 2022.

However, the condition is that the cultural facility is accessible to the public, serves for regular organized cultural activities, and that the operation in 2022 is ensured for at least 10 months. In the case of operating a gallery, the minimum area of ​​the exhibition space must be 300 m².

“We are aware that rising energy prices have a hard impact on Prague’s families and seniors, but also on cultural actors and institutions that had no chance to recover economically after months of closed doors due to the pandemic. For the people of Prague in a difficult situation, we have prepared an aid package that will bring families up to 4,800 crowns a month, and we are now sending 30 million to culture to dampen the effects of inflation and rising energy costs,” says Pavel Vyhnánek, the mayor’s suggestion. City of Prague for the area of ​​finance and budget.

The total volume of funds intended to finance the program was set at CZK 30 million. The deadline for submitting applications is from October 10 to October 24, 2022. The competent authority of the capital city will decide whether to provide a subsidy or not, by the end of this year at the latest. Subsidies will be transferred to beneficiaries by January 31, 2023.

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