A bear with a cub is allegedly moving in Blanensko, the mayor warned

A bear with a cub is allegedly moving in Blanensko, the mayor warned
A bear with a cub is allegedly moving in Blanensko, the mayor warned

Šebetov (Blanensko) – A bear with a cub is said to be moving in the Blanensko area, mayor Zdeněk Čížek warned about the possible appearance of the beast on the Šebetov na Blanensko website. According to him, the bear was spotted by a family near the Oborsk pond. The mayor of CTK said that apparently it was not a shadow or a wild boar. At the mayor’s instigation, neighboring villages also warned against the possible appearance of a bear. The Blanen newspaper Deník drew attention to the bear warning.

“We ask citizens to be extra careful, not to move in the given locality and not to walk dogs there,” says Šebetova’s website.

According to the mayor, the bear was spotted by a family that was moving around in the locality. “Given that it was an adult woman, her brother and children, we evaluated that they really didn’t just see some shadow in the bushes or a wild boar or a stray dog,” said Čižek. He said that the woman approached them saying that the woods are full of mushroom pickers so that they should not underestimate the situation.

Čížek said that he subsequently contacted the police and neighboring municipalities, which also announced warnings. “No one else has yet confirmed the bear’s appearance, so we hope that it has already gone somewhere else,” said the mayor. According to him, it is most likely that the beast escaped from a breeder. “Many circuses ended during covid, some breeders took the animals home, maybe the bear escaped from one of them,” said the mayor.

In South Moravia, the occurrence of a bear is rare, if it was a bear, it could be a migrating animal or an animal that escaped from the breeder. Evidence of a bear sighting in the south of Moravia came in June 2019 from the vicinity of Týnec and Tvrdonice in the Břeclav region, and the bear was also captured by a camera trap near Bzenc. It was not the first time that a bear had wandered into Břeclav. People have already seen this beast in 2012 and 2015. In neither case did the animal cause any problems or damage to property.

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