Energy prices and security are more than the Green Deal, the Czechia and Poland agreed

“It is a great honor for me. I am aware that Lech Wałęsa, Václav Havel and John Paul II received this award. Huge personalities that I respect immensely. I accept it as an expression of support for Czech-Polish relations and appreciation of what we have managed to achieve in Czech-Polish relations,” Petr Fiala told Deník.

Podcast: The Czechia and Poland will jointly push for a reduction in energy prices

“But I also feel a little embarrassed, because I think that the real people of the year are those who are fighting in Ukraine today and putting their lives on the line for independence, for freedom and for European values. These people have my admiration,” said the Czech Prime Minister late on Tuesday night.

As Fiala previously said during a discussion with his Polish counterpart Morawiecki, Poland’s role in helping the West to Ukraine is crucial today, on a pan-European scale. “Today, the Polish Prime Minister is a key figure in this regard within the entire European Union,” he praised Fiala Morawiecki’s role.

The head of the Polish government added that the Czech Republic was just as actively involved in helping Ukraine as Poland. Today, according to him, Prague, together with Warsaw and the Baltic states, is a European pillar to help Kyiv in its efforts to repel Russian aggression.

Morawiecki: Brussels is slow

In addition to helping Ukraine, the Polish and Czech governments have formed a close alliance, according to Morawiecki, also in the issues of solving energy and gas and electricity prices. And they will proceed together at the upcoming summit of the Union’s energy ministers, which was convened by the Czechia, which presides over the Union. “The existing energy policy is in ruins. We have to create a new one,” said the Polish Prime Minister literally.

Source: DiaryAs Fiala and Morawiecki agreed, Europe’s energy security and ensuring acceptable energy prices for the population and businesses must take priority over the pressure on the Green Deal and the transition to renewable sources. Therefore, according to them, the price of emission allowances must also be reduced.

“It is a topic that is alive for us. I also talked about it with the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen. And I am convinced that we should intervene in the way emissions allowances are traded. That it has a long-term effect on the price of energy and that the current system is certainly not good,” said Fiala.

In this context, the Polish Prime Minister criticized the slowness of the European Commission in proposing steps for a pan-European solution to the crisis. “The problem is the speed of Brussels’ reaction. It’s September and the response is terribly slow. In situations like this, the speed of reaction is key,” said the Polish Prime Minister.

Gas from Poland

He also discussed with his Polish counterpart Fiala the connection of the Czech Republic to Polish gas pipelines and the possible future supplies of gas from terminals in Poland. “We are still interested in being able to obtain capacity from Polish LNG terminals, both existing ones and those whose construction is being prepared,” Fiala told Deník.

Federal Chancellor Olaf Scholz and Prime Minister Petr Fiala at a press conference after a joint meeting, 29 August 2022, Prague

Energy prices in the EU need to be addressed, agreed Fiala and Scholz

“Here we are talking about things that could be implemented in the coming years. But even that is important. Because we must not make the same mistake as our predecessors in the government, who did not care about energy security, and today we see the consequences,” said the Prime Minister. “If the previous government had worked on the Stork II gas pipeline from Poland, we would be in a different place today. Slovakia recently opened a connection with Poland. We are at the beginning. Our government has resumed negotiations with Poland on the Stork II gas pipeline,” said Fiala.

Thanks to the gas connection to Poland, Slovakia can already import gas from Norway and the United States this winter and, if necessary, can completely do without Russian gas supplies.

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