The Pendolino was going against another train in the corridor, the plates separated them by a meter

The Pendolino was going against another train in the corridor, the plates separated them by a meter
The Pendolino was going against another train in the corridor, the plates separated them by a meter

At 8:46 a.m., between Hotejn and Kraskov, a pendolino train traveling from Bohumna to Frantikovch Lzn hit the track against a passenger train going in the opposite direction from Esk Tebov to Zbeh na Morav station, Drn inspector Martin Drpal summarized.

They managed to stop the train driver, the trains were finally 57.5 meters apart. No one was injured in the incident.

The investigation is still under way, but at this moment we can state that there was an inspection of the station’s security equipment at Hotejn station, and the operation did not proceed in the standard way, when demands were made for the attention of the train dispatcher during the construction of train tracks, i.e. the position of switches, said Drpal in the afternoon.

The source of the website confirmed the information published this morning, according to them, it was not a fault of the train drivers, but of the traffic woman who was in charge of the central dispatching work of the Railway Department in Perov in this city. In Hotejn, one of the dormitories was filled with snow from the morning.

This initial version was confirmed by Nela Friebov in the early morning during the first railway station.

According to current information from the survey, the incident was probably caused by an error on the part of an employee of Sprva eležnice. We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience.

The police are also investigating the incident

esk railways confirmed on Twitter that the train driver had a heart attack. Passengers from the pendolin could use an alternative connection: After 90 minutes, traffic on the main corridor was restored. The evacuation from train SC 512 has been completed, passengers are traveling according to train R 890, which we sent.

Traffic in the city was still disrupted, but it took ten hours to restore it. From the bottom of the bag in the corridor, there was a connection, some even a dog for an hour.

A policeman from Pardubice flew over the train accident at the border of the Olomouc and Pardubice regions.

We saved horses for criminal and general danger. Vinko is in danger and eight years in prison, said Pardubice police officer Markta Janovsk. They will find out about the police because they learned about the incident at half past twelve, i.e. after those hours.

The trick is that extraordinary events occur on the borders of two regions. The RegioShuttle motor unit, driving from Tebov, stopped at the cadastre of the village of Kraskov, which is located in the Pardubice region. Pendolino, driving from Ostrava, remained in the cadastre of the municipality of Hotejn, which falls under the Olomouc region.

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