A hydrogen-powered truck was presented in Prague, and proved itself in Switzerland

A hydrogen-powered truck was presented in Prague, and proved itself in Switzerland
A hydrogen-powered truck was presented in Prague, and proved itself in Switzerland

Prague – A hydrogen-powered truck, which is an alternative for achieving emission-free and silent transport in addition to classic electric cars, was presented to journalists in Prague today by representatives of the logistics company Gebrüder Weiss. They added that during the year’s operation, it has proven itself in Switzerland for the transport of normal cargo over distances of up to 420 kilometers. The company has now tested the hydrogen-powered truck in normal operation in and around Prague.

According to experts, hydrogen trucks are mainly beneficial in places where quiet operation and zero emissions are needed, i.e. in urban agglomerations or in public transport. Compared to classic electric cars, they have several advantages, for example a much faster refueling, a longer driving distance or problem-free operation even at low outside temperatures. A network of hydrogen filling stations is gradually being established throughout Europe. In the Czech Republic, the first opened in June in Ostrava, the next one will be in Barrandov, Prague.

Gebrüder Weiss uses a Hyundai XCIENT Fuel Cell truck in Switzerland. It is powered by so-called green hydrogen produced from renewable energy sources. The truck, with a range of 420 kilometers, is powered by a 350-kilowatt electric motor powered by electricity produced in fuel cells through the reaction of hydrogen with oxygen. Only water vapor escapes from the exhaust to the surroundings. The company states that operating a hydrogen truck will save approximately 80 tons of carbon dioxide emissions per year. Refueling is similar to a conventional internal combustion engine, filling the tank takes about 12 minutes, which is significantly less time than it takes to charge electric cars.

“Green hydrogen aspires to be the fuel of the future. However, it is necessary to build the necessary infrastructure,” said Jan Kodada, Director of Sales and Marketing of Gebrüder Weiss in the Czech Republic.

“In addition to the filling stations and hydrogen production plants themselves, it will be necessary to build new energy sources that will provide their capacity for fuel production, especially due to the gradual decline in the use of oil products and natural gas. It is also essential to build a distribution, transmission and transport system, for example gas pipelines and power lines,” added Aleš Doucek from the ÚJV Řež company, which is collaborating on the development of a Czech hydrogen-powered truck and hydrogen filling stations for buses and trucks.

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