Election 2022 | I will wear a sweater in the winter, I will bring them with energy, to Pekarov Adamov

Election 2022 | I will wear a sweater in the winter, I will bring them with energy, to Pekarov Adamov
Election 2022 | I will wear a sweater in the winter, I will bring them with energy, to Pekarov Adamov

How many sweaters have you prepared for winter? I’m asking because you advised not to use air conditioning, not to heat too much, and to wear a sweater anyway. You advised people what to do when there is not enough gas in the winter.
The first thing is that we will have enough resources thanks to the government and its work. The rooms are 85 percent full. We supported the government in a situation where it was far from that and when we were much more dependent on Russia due to inaction or suffering from inaction of the past governments. At the same time, we did everything to ensure that the prices were acceptable for people, not only for households, but also for companies, and that this did not ruin the Czech Republic. That’s why I think we don’t need to cover ourselves for winter. On the other hand, the rising prices will be acceptable and affordable thanks to the combination of the questionable tariff and the ceiling, which is acceptable and affordable for some of the social service providers, it is important to remember that you need to save energy.

And I don’t have to change anything on my side. I always wore a sweater in winter, I considered it something normal and it will be the same this year.

You covered your party website with a sweater against Putin, and after one government that put a ceiling on the price of electricity, one of them suddenly disappeared. Before, it was written that you do not support the ceiling. You literally wrote that this would in turn lead, among others, to the export of cheap electronics, which would be subsidized from our taxes. According to all members, energy vouchers are a better and more economically efficient option. But the government was inclined to ceiling prices. What’s up who?
We supported it in the government. In short, the situation has graduated in a while due to the way the markets have not worked in recent weeks. At a certain moment, a megawatt-hour cost 1,000 euros, which is 25,000 crowns. We all know that this is something completely unbearable and that it has reached such an extreme that it was necessary to react to it. Our ministers suggested that we take into account the motive for disputes and that the price ceiling should only be limited to consumption, i.e. up to 80 percent of consumption last year. In the end, the government leaned towards the ceiling without this condition, but we still insist that it would be appropriate to motivate people and companies to fight.

Wouldn’t it be better to write on the website Sveterm against Putin and explain that you have changed your view and for, not to remove it quietly?
If something will or will not be added to the website, the website will not take this level of detail. It is a sign of our communication darkness. I am concentrating on explaining to you why we have decided to support this ceiling.

When 27 stt is negotiated, it is sloit

Your TOP 09 is a strongly pro-European party. Aren’t you a little disappointed with what the European Union as a whole is doing so far in terms of energy? In the middle, a proposal from the European Commission was heard, but before that it seemed that some people were only playing for themselves.
On the contrary, I am proud of the Czech presidency, because it is possible to achieve concrete clear results that are beneficial not only for Czech citizens, but also for all citizens of the European Union. I think we should realize that the situation on the energy market is just a little different in each country and is influenced by where the country gets its energy from. We were focused only on Russia instead of using other sources. On the other hand, thanks to cooperation and solidarity, we have secured a 10% stake in the LNG terminal in the Netherlands. Of course, when 27 countries are agreeing on some unified one and each of them includes their own situation, then it is a combination.

When 70,000 people gathered at Vclavská Square in Prague, was it reasonable to throw them in the same bag as the pro-Russian organizers of the event?
No one put the party members and the convener, the event organizers in the same bag. The prime minister made it very clear that those who called the event and stood on stage are pro-Russians here in the Czech Republic. This name completely corresponds to reality. Mr. Skla, Vrbel expressed pro-Russian views, the organizers even talked about several races in their report. This is something absolutely unacceptable. I myself, at the time when the demonstration took place, clearly said that it is necessary to perceive those tens of thousands of residents at Vclavský nměst as people who were brought to the demonstration by fear, fears they have about the future. And I don’t want to belittle that.

Do you think that the demonstration tricked the government into agreeing on something that it had not been able to agree on until then and, on the contrary, strictly refused it? You didn’t want to take the risk that people would come together?
We have been aware of people’s fears for a long time and we did not need to visualize them in the form of people demonstrating at the Vclavsk Square. Among the people, we know how their invoices are going and how tight they are. That’s why we prepared a questionable tariff that increased the salary, that’s why we raised debts in the social system. We never took the situation lightly.

Were you surprised by your colleague from the government and Minister of Justice Pavel Blaek from the ODS when he talked about the fact that if the energy problem is not resolved, the European Union may fall apart?
He was not surprised, because I had received this warning from him at an informal meeting, which I was so ashamed of. You can see that we are in a similar situation. Even if bombs were to fall on us, we are one of the countries that Putin has mercilessly attacked through the tools of war that he is using. These are the energy prices, because Russia has those raw materials. We must be able to mobilize ourselves in order to be able to deal with those methods. We do it in the form of aid to Ukraine, because they really fight for us too.

The people do not suffer destruction and destruction

How satisfied are you with the work of your two ministers in the government?
Minister Langdlov did not take up a position that would have been filled by someone in the previous election period. She had to devote a lot of time to building up her series of rules and getting the dark ages and research to the fore. It is a huge priority for TOP 09. For example, the minister also addresses the topic of inviting doctoral students at universities, who will be sure to send support.

Minister Vlek did not take over the department in a simple situation, and his haste is special. At a time when many were calling for us to extend the state of emergency and to close the economy in further lockdown, he did not succumb to that pressure, and we passed the omicron wave without hospitals. We can see a lot more at the door and people’s ability to protect themselves. Do not require doom and gloom to behave responsibly. It paid off.

Do you still consider your decision as the leader of the party coalition not to join the government to be correct?
Yes. Even in the House of Commons, I am able to raise the whole group, even when I am not a member of the government. The chairman of the coalition of parties will cooperate in the future on those things that the government can discuss.

Even obstructions should have some limit

So what surprised you about the function of the House of Representatives?
I wouldn’t say it’s surprising, but I’m very sad, even in this election period, the work of the House is very often paralyzed by obstructions, in my opinion, it was not usual and it is not acceptable. Obstructions are a legitimate tool, but even that should have some limit. We should try to cooperate more and the opposition should change to a constructive one. They talk like that, but don’t answer it in their inm. We feel that the situation in the House is getting worse, and it is not easy to find a better agreement from the position of the Speaker of the House with the opposition. I feel that the opposition, I don’t know if it’s just because of the elections that were held, or because of the communal, senate or presidential elections, is taking advantage of the very tense conditions in which the whole society finds itself in order to polarize it even more and take advantage of it.

You decided that the buildings of the Chamber of Deputies will be centrally heated only from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m., two hours later, not yet. Are you fulfilling the dream of lowering the temperature in the House of Commons?
We started from the recommendations of experts. I consider it adequate for this heating season. It wasn’t the only one we decided on. Controversial words were gradually invoked here. There are lamps in the corridors so that the light is not wasted. In the past two months, we used a lot of air conditioning, which was not the norm. The House buildings will not be lit at these hours. It is a questionable step. By the end of the year, it should save us 660 thousand crowns.

Prask organization claimed responsibility for Pospil

In the first round of the TOP 09 race, Ji Pospil sent her to the second place, a crack candidate TOGETHER, and you gently asked him to leave. How will it affect the election, when the people who had contacts with the people involved in the Dosimeter case died?
I did not invite Mr. Pospil. I asked how I would behave, but the organization clearly stood up for him, and because we are a democratic party where decisions are made by individual bodies, she took full responsibility for this decision. But I wouldn’t compare him at all with those named. For example, Mr. Vildumetzov was asked to resign not because she knew the accused person, but because she demonstrably lied about their relationship with me.

Bohuslav Svoboda, the leader of the SOLU candidate in Prague, told Aktuln.cz that he does not want to cooperate with the current mayor of Pirty, Zdek Hib, because Pirti is a coalition partner in the government. He also talked about the fact that he considers Patrik Nacher from ANO to be a very capable hunter. Shouldn’t it be confusing for the electorate of the government coalition?
The situation in Prague must be different from the situation in the Czech Republic. She is very tense about the relationship. Navc ODS is in the opposition in Prague and Mr. Hib speaks out against Mr. Svoboda very often. But I would not agree with the assessment of Mr. Nacher and Mr. Svoboda. I think we should wait for the result of the election. The coalition is formed after the elections and the cooperation should be for the benefit of the citizens, it should not fall apart in the first year of work. It is my duty to concentrate on winning the elections so that we can shoulder as much responsibility as possible.

Could a coalition similar to that of the government be formed in Prague?
For me, it is one of the better options. But there are also parties that are not even represented in the House of Representatives. It is my duty to cooperate only with democratic parties.

What result of the senate and municipal elections for TOP 09 would you be satisfied with and would you consider it a rush?
In order to defend our positions in individual municipalities and to start a club in Sent, because we are running for the big city in the Spolu coalition or in other coalition formats. We are working to win the elections in all and regional cities. In the last election, we have 20 joint candidates for Spolu, of which there are six candidates for TOP 09, plus we have put our own candidates in some regions. I know the big one will succeed, but you won’t get me.

On your own, your TOP09 party would have won only 4.5 percent according to a Kantar survey for Czech television and would have been out of the House of Representatives. Doesn’t this indicate that in order for TOP 09 to be able to compete at the parliamentary level, it will always have to go to elections in a coalition in the future?
I have been the president of the party for those years, and as one of my main goals, I have put TOP 09 back in power. That worked. We doubled the number of MPs. The concrete results are very positive, very good. Determine the meaning of cooperation, we perceive it and I will choose it, so that the Spolu coalition will continue.

Neek vs absorbed by obansk democrats?
Nope. We have a unique approach to some topics in which we differ from ODS. Drink euros, but also look at climate change and its ene. Let’s not hide the fact that we are strongly pro-European. We don’t always agree on green issues.

We will not let anyone else fight for the Castle

Will there be a joint candidate for the governing coalition for the Castle?
For me, as well as for my fellow party members, the key is to have a real democrat in the Castle. a person who does not doubt our membership in NATO, in the European Union, in our fallen agreement, respect for the state and the law, and for him it is a service to society, not just an effort to solve some of his own problems by claiming immunity. This is a clear definition used by some of those who have joined this group.

Don’t drink anyone else?
In particular, we will not invite anyone else into this fight. The Together coalition has not concluded anything about it, the final decision has yet to be made, but it seems to me that the situation is such that it would be better not to hide the word. I think it is up to the voters to choose for themselves.

Meanwhile, among the beneficiaries of the Castle, there were also women, he let me go if ex-premier Andrej Babi was not a candidate, but a woman from the ANO parliamentary club. According to your criteria, should he or she influence the presidential election?
For st ox urit yes. But for me, it’s about the qualities of those candidates and the type, and it’s about whether it’s a woman or a man. You, the president of Aputov, fulfill the characteristics that I have listed and performed your function with great nobility. I am sure that we too will have such a personality at the Castle.

The Czech Republic then granted permanent protection to about 430,000 women and children refugees from Ukraine, which was invaded by Russia. 100 of them are already in the country, many are preparing to move to their homeland as soon as possible. But there are also those who will want to stay in R. How would you approach many of these Ukrainians at the moment when they are about to die?
First of all, I want to appreciate all those who depend on how we will manage the number of pedestrians in the Czech Republic. Many of them want to move for sure. If the conflict continues, we are obliged to continue helping refugees. full clear. Those who want to stay here should be here for a long time.

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