The elections have started, people in Olomouc are choosing new leaders of town halls and a senator

In the fight for the Olomouc town hall four years ago, the ANO movement of the current mayor Žbánek won with a profit of 27%. But somewhat unexpectedly, the ProOlomouc and Piráti se Starosty movements lined up behind him – identically with 12%. Both groupings ended up in opposition. This year, ProOlomouc is running together with Pirates, STAN created its own candidate.

In the last Olomouc elections, the ODS was fourth with 11 percent, the People’s Party was fifth with 7%. In 2018, the social movement with 6%, the SPD/SPOZ coalition (6%), the KSČM (5%) and the ČSSD (5%) managed to get into the Olomouc council in 2018.

For the past four years, Olomouc has been ruled by the ANO coalition with the ODS, the People’s Party and the movement together. ANO Mayor Miroslav Žbánek is once again the leader of his candidate. In these elections, ODS joined forces with KDU-ČSL and TOP09, and their candidate under the name Together is led by citizen democrat Markéta Záleská with ambitions to become Olomouc’s first mayor.

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Will he defend the ODS in Šternberk and Uničov?

In Sternberg Until now, the city was led by a coalition of four ODS with Independent Election, the Coalition for Šternberk and the ČSSD. The post of mayor is defended by ODS leader Stanislav Orság.

IN Sorry in the past four years, the coalition of SNK-Litovel, SNK-Citizens and athletes of Litovelska, ODS and People’s Party led by mayor Viktor Kohout from SNK Litovel ruled. He is seeking the position as leader of SNK Litovel again.

Destroyed in the last municipal elections, the ODS won almost 33 percent of the vote. In the twenty-one-member council, it has so far had 8 seats, four each for KDU-ČSL and ANO, two each for ČSSD and KSČM, and one for SPD. The mayor of Uničov, Radek Vincour, is running for office again and is the number one candidate on the ODS list.

The situation is completely different now in Moravian Beroun. The current mayor Tomáš Feranec (Berouňáci) is no longer defending the position and is not even running for office in the current municipal elections.

The current deputy mayor, Rostislav Hrdlička, is running for a seat in the city management again and is number one on the ANO candidate list. In Moravské Beroun, the situation after the communal riots in October 2018 was quite complicated. The post-election coalition consisting of the Berouňáci group and the Party for an Open Society fell apart, and a replacement solution and a new deputy mayor were sought. This subsequently became Rostislav Hrdlička.

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Eight candidates for the senatorial seat

In electoral district 61 Olomouc (Olomouc and the eastern part of the district), people are now also choosing their senator.

Lumír Kantor from KDU-ČSL defends the post here. Milan Brázdil (ANO), Čestmír Neoral (ODS), Michal Malacka (STAN), Václav Ranc (Pirates), Petr Vrána (PRO 2022), Zuzana Majerová (Trikolora) and Ctirad Musil (Moraváné) are going into the senatorial battle with him in the first round ).

Candidates for the Senate for Olomouc (district 61). Illustration collage

A fight between doctors in Olomouc? Half of the candidates for the Senate have the MUDr.

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