Zeman must apologize to Sarapatka


Former President Miloš Zeman must apologize to Zdenek Šarapatka for saying that he fired him from the government office due to incompetence. The Supreme Court upheld the earlier verdict when it rejected Zeman’s appeal. The information of the Seznam Zprávy server was confirmed by the spokeswoman of the court, Gabriela Tomíčková.

The Supreme Court decided the dispute between the former president Miloš Zeman and his adviser at the time Zdenek Šarapatka after a year. “The Supreme Court rejected the appeal of Ing. Miloš Zeman in the case of the plaintiff Z. Š. Details will be available after the original decision is made, which will be within 60 days at the latest,” said Tomíčková.

In November 2017, the President said on Barrandov TV that he fired Sarapatka due to incompetence. Šarapatka, however, at the time when Zeman was prime minister, left the government office by agreement.

Zeman’s vitality is improving


The former advisor to the courts had previously obtained an apology for the statement from the state, specifically the Ministry of Finance, but the Constitutional Court subsequently overturned the judgments, stating that Zeman was responsible for the statements as a private person. Šarapatka therefore filed a new lawsuit against the president, which the courts upheld.

But Zeman did not apologize within the specified period. Because of this, Šarapatka submitted an execution proposal to the president. At the same time, Zeman appealed to the Supreme Court.

As reported by the Seznam Zprávy server, the regional court had previously ordered the ex-president to pay the costs of the proceedings. Zeman did not pay them from his own money, the amount of 29,027 crowns was paid by the Office of the President of the Republic. Zeman also paid lawyer Marko Nespala with public money, for which KPR received a fine from the Financial Office. Nespala then returned the money to the Castle, it was 334,439 crowns.

Using public money for Zeman’s private dispute is not a crime


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