Drones hit a Russian refinery 1,200 kilometers from the Ukrainian border


Footage of targets hit in the cities of Jelabuga and Nizhnekamsk appeared on Telegram accounts. Ukraine has already announced that it will produce thousands of drones this year that can strike deep into Russian territory.

During the attack in the city of Yelabuga, drones hit a student dormitory, the TASS agency reported, citing the authorities of the autonomous Tatarstan. “These drones were equipped with components from NATO countries,” Interfax quoted the authorities as saying, adding that “technological processes were not disrupted” in any of the cities.

In a video published by the Russian Telegram channel Baza, which allegedly captures the strike in Yelabuz, the impact of the drone and the subsequent massive explosion can be seen. The channel also published a photo of part of the burning industrial complex, saying it was a refinery in Nizhnekamsk.

A drone attack caused a fire at a power plant in southwestern Russia

The war in Ukraine

Russian students are said to be assembling drones

Ukrainian Minister of Digital Transformation Mykhailo Fedorov already announced in February that Kyiv will produce thousands of long-range drones capable of striking deep into Russian territory in 2024. He added that Ukraine already has up to 10 companies producing drones that can hit targets in, for example, Moscow or St. Petersburg.

After the beginning of the current large-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine, the production of Iranian Shahed attack drones, which are manufactured in Russia under the name Geran-2, began in the so-called special economic zone of Alabuga in Tatarstan. The drones are assembled by the students of the local polytechnic school, investigative journalists from the Protokol and RZVRT channels reported earlier via YouTube.

According to available reports, more than 600 such drones were used to attack Ukraine last fall alone, Radio Svoboda reported in this regard.

Another oil refinery is on fire in Russia


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