I will be in the regions, Pellegrini apologized for the duel. At the same time, he was photographed in Bratislava

I will be in the regions, Pellegrini apologized for the duel. At the same time, he was photographed in Bratislava
I will be in the regions, Pellegrini apologized for the duel. At the same time, he was photographed in Bratislava

Please, don’t be misled, even though Rdio Expres still announces a trailer for the daily presidential duel, I have informed you in advance that I will not participate in the interview, because I will be with you in the region. And you can watch the joint duel with the opponent this evening at 20:30 on TV Markza, wrote Pellegrini.

According to Dennk N, the Slovak Council for Media Services approved the format of the pre-election duel in less than a month. And the moderator of the session, Brao Zavodsk, added that after approval, it is not possible to interfere with the project, because it would be a violation of the law. According to him, it was not clear until the weekend whether Pellegrini would come. It was on the same level as whether we will go or not, said Zavodsk.

In addition, the non-parliamentary political party Democrats claims that Pellegrini lied when he explained his anger by leaving for elections in the regions. At the time of the debate, he was still in Bratislava, as far as the video is concerned, in Miletiov street there. So the Sme newspaper took a photo of him in the street where Pellegrini’s sister has her office at the time when he was supposed to be debating about those kilometers long.

Pesnji caught him by the car about five minutes after the debate in Expres ended. When politicians talk about regions, they usually mean the areas of Slovakia outside the capital, added Sme.

I broke my leg a little He says he’s sick and that’s why he couldn’t join Peter Pellegrini in the discussion with Ivan Korok today on Radio Expres. And instead they filmed him on Miletiova during the discussion on Exprese. Watch the video for yourself as proof

April 2, 2024 at 2:43 p.m. pspvek archived: April 2, 2024 at 2:43 p.m.

The campaign before the decisive presidential election culminated in Wednesday, when Koroka’s televised duel with Pellegrini was filled by the all-time leading RTVS.

Pellegrini refused several duels with his rival in the first round of the presidential election, which Korok won with an unprecedented leap over the first five of the Hlas-SD party. Last week, the two finalists for the election of the head of state met in a radio debate on the public radio station RTVS, in which they strongly defined each other.

Among other things, Korok repeated in the Rdia Expres session that he is concerned with the balance of power, so that all leading political positions in the country are not held by one government group. According to him, the voters should assess which of the presidential candidates is able to ensure non-partisanship.

Career diplomat Korok called his critics’ claim that he is a wolf candidate a gross foul. Pellegrini, who before the first round of presidential elections built his campaign on the slogan of establishing peace in the country, now claims in the campaign that he will never allow us to be drawn into an open public conflict.

Early in the morning, Korok announced that he would meet Pellegrini at Radio Expres. Finally, we debated with the moderator Bran Zavodsk:

Today we will be talking to Braa Zvodskho on @radioexpres at 12:00.

April 2, 2024 at 9:17 pspvek archived: April 2, 2024 at 2:29 pm

Please, the situation is out, so be sure to vote and choose a president of calm and peace, said Pellegrini. In the past, I foolishly pointed out that the government and parliament, not the head of state, have the competence to send Slovak troops abroad. Korok, who is running for the presidency as an Oban candidate with the support of some opposition parties, again rejected the deployment of Slovak troops in Ukraine in response to Russia’s military invasion.

In the new first round of the presidential elections in Slovakia, Korok won with 42.51 percent of the vote and 124,000 votes ahead of Pellegrini. This was supported by 37.02 percent of voters. According to analysts, the second round was influenced, among other things, by the voter attitude of ex-Minister of Justice Tefan Harabin, who received 11.73 percent of the vote in the first round and did not recommend one of the finalists to his voters.

Harabin, who has pro-Russian views, spoke out in favor of stopping the supply of arms to Ukraine from both private companies and Slovakia’s withdrawal from NATO. Last week, Pellegrini tried to appeal to Harabin’s voters in a radio debate, of which, according to two polls, half of them would first lean towards the side of the speaker of the parliament.

In the past, Sm Pellegrini rejected the questioning of Slovakia’s membership in the EU and NATO. Now Slovakia’s government, of which Pellegrini’s Hlas party is a part, stopped military aid to Ukraine from hundreds of units after its entry into the war.

The second round of elections takes place on Saturday from seven in the morning, polling stations close at ten in the evening. It should be clear about vtze and the next Slovak president around midnight. The current head of state, Zuzana Aputov, did not run for re-election, his five-year mandate expires in mid-June.

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