In Hradec, they opened one of the largest charging stations for electric cars in the country

The charging station is located next to the so-called big Tesco in the commercial zone of the Králové Hradec Retail Park. “A similarly large station only exists in Lovosice,” noted Tomáš Chmelík, manager of the ČEZ charging stations department.

Over the weekend, electric car owners had the chance to charge their car in less than an hour using a 50-kilowatt charger while shopping. Currently at thirteen crowns per kilowatt-hour, which comes to less than eight hundred crowns when charging the battery from zero to full. Under normal conditions, one kWh is enough for modern car electric motors to drive five kilometers.

“In Hradec Králové we offer slow, medium and the most expensive fast charging. Electricity prices in charging stations will depend on the development of energy prices,” added Chmelík.

Photo: Vladislav Prouza, Law

Over the weekend, electric car owners had the chance to charge their car in less than an hour using a 50-kilowatt charger while shopping.

The ČEZ company, together with Retail Park and McDonald’s, which has an establishment in close proximity to the charging station in Králové Hradec, is planning to replace some of the racks at the turn of this year with 150-kilowatt ultra-fast charging ports with a charging time of half an hour, and later with 300-kilowatt ones with only a fifteen-minute delay required for a full charge.

Škoda is working on an electric successor to the Fabia, which is expected to cost around half a million


“The time is approaching when there will be many times more electric cars parked in shopping areas than before. Thanks to the new charging station, we are ready for this in Hradec Králové. The Retail Park’s location near the D 35 highway will make it possible to satisfy even passing drivers,” says Retail Park executive Jaroslav Opat.

“McDonald’s priorities include the development of facilities for electromobility within the framework of sustainable operations. Today, 43 charging stands are available to drivers in the Czech Republic at 17 establishments,” added Ivana Prosecká, financial director of the development of McDonald’s Czech Republic.

Photo: Vladislav Prouza, Law

One of the largest charging stations is located in Hradec Králové.

The Hradec Králové and Pardubice regions currently offer 67 public charging stations, mainly in regional and former district towns. “During the first half of this year, e-car drivers in both regions consumed 280,000 kWh of ecological energy, which represents a year-on-year increase of 41 percent,” added ČEZ spokeswoman Šárka Lapáčková Beránková.

“Over four thousand electric cars were added to the Czech Republic this year. Although people mostly charge their cars at home or in companies, the pressure on public charging stations is growing,” added Tomáš Dzurilla, director of CEZ’s electromobility department.

The transition to electromobility could not be faster, says the head of Volkswagen


ČEZ wants to launch 800 charging stands nationwide by 2025. Today, they offer almost 460 of them and are able to serve 920 electric cars at the same time. Fourteen of these charging stations can each charge more than six e-cars at once. The capacity of the nationwide ČEZ charging network is 27,000 kW, which represents the output of a medium-sized hydropower plant capable of supplying electricity to a city of 75,000.

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