The prosecutor proposes a life sentence for the defendant for the murder of an employee of the Labor Office. The court had to have him brought out three times

If the court were to accept the proposal of public prosecutor Markéta Pánková, Dvořák would become the 48th person sentenced to life in the Czech Republic. “I consider that the conditions for the imposition of this punishment are met,” said Pánková, who mentioned in her closing speech the deliberateness, insidiousness and brutality of Dvořák’s actions.

On Monday, experts from the field of psychology and psychiatry testified at the court, who stated that Dvořák is, and especially at the time of the criminal act, mentally sound and sane.

“We did not find any forensically significant mental disorder in the defendant that would reduce control or recognition abilities in relation to the case at hand,” said psychiatrist Monika Holečková. According to experts, Dvořák has a mixed personality disorder, is paranoid, narcissistic, suffers from delusions, is convinced of his own uniqueness, his good character and his own character and the uncharacteristic behavior of others. However, protective treatment is said to be pointless in such cases.

Experts: He wants to continue taking justice into his own hands

“We fear the possibility of a similar illegal act being repeated,” added Holečková, however. According to reports, Dvořák is convinced of the right to take justice into his own hands.

When Dvořák was given the opportunity to ask questions about the expert, he started yelling at her in a rather misguided way: “How can such a ksindl afford to eliminate an engineer with thirty-five years of experience (referring to Dvořák himself) on the basis of an instruction from a brush?”

After warning him several times to behave politely, to which Dvořák responded: “Don’t shout at me, you’re in court!”, the judge had him taken out of the courtroom. In the same way, Dvořák was brought out after a similar extempore during the questioning of one of the witnesses.

“I am innocent,” declared the man on trial for the murder of a woman at the employment office in Prague

Crime stories

According to the indictment, Dvořák shot an employee of the Labor Office in Prague 2 on June 29 last year. According to the file, because she did not grant him unemployment benefits in 2016. Dvořák entered the office and without warning, without giving the woman any chance to defend herself, pulled out a pistol and shot her in the stomach. The woman died of her injuries the same day. Dvořák was caught by the police in the center of Prague after a few hours. In the past, Dvořák had already threatened to attack those who had been shot in writing due to non-grant of benefits.

Dvořák is also charged with attempted murder. According to the indictment, he installed an ambush device in the apartment he was renting in Prague’s Libni, which he demolished in the final out of revenge against his landlord because she raised his rent. Three days before the shooting at the employment office, this injured a policeman who broke into the apartment while searching for Dvořák.

He shot an employee of the labor office, the police ended the investigation and proposed an indictment

Crime stories

To make matters worse, four days before the shooting at the Labor Office, Dvořák poured sulfuric acid on an Aero employee and a former colleague in the parking lot of Aero Vodochody in Odolená Voda. According to witnesses, it was also a revenge attack. Either he believed he was to blame for his release or he was disgusted. The woman allegedly rejected his love confession. He burned her on three percent of her body and is charged with attempted grievous bodily harm. “The victim deserved the police!” Dvořák declared in court on Monday.

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