Another kick of the goalkeeper in the league. We can’t afford this, Dynamo’s assistant was annoyed


The South Bohemians did not lose a single one of the first three home matches in the spring, and before the battle with Sparta, they could have been encouraged by the weekend defeats of the fourteenth-placed Zlín and the fifteenth-placed Karviná, the main competitors in the exciting fight for survival. But the Budejovice pack failed in the battle with the unexpectedly uncertain Sparta – also due to unnecessary mistakes.

See the situation before the decisive goal: Budějovice defender Matej Madleňák lost a duel with the predatory Jan Mejdre, stopper Martin Králik pointlessly backed away from Veljko Birmančević in the penalty area and we have already talked about goalkeeper Janáček’s kick, who did not protect his hands with his body. League goalkeepers had a crazy Easter; on Saturday, Olomouc was sunk by the underdog Matúš Macík, who failed to process a teammate’s pass in the small area and the ball sailed between his legs into the net.

And the case of Janáček? Birmančević’s shot was not particularly sharp, it was definitely catchable. “We are not in a situation where we can afford to concede such goals. If the Spartans mixed us all the way to the kitchen or hit it from thirty meters, fine, but we just don’t get normal goals,” assistant Kladrubský joked. He alluded to the previous duel in Karviná (1:2), where Janáček did not keep the ball in front of a running opponent and conceded.

The lost match with Sparta aptly symbolized Budejovice’s year-long suffering. The men in black and white do not play without passion, but in most matches they always lack something. Dynamo’s effort often ends before the goal, otherwise it is harmless. They managed to put the often uncertain Sparta under pressure, but managed only one direct shot on goal during the entire evening.

“Not even an unlucky goal broke us, the boys tried to give their best and at least make it a draw,” praised Kladrubský. By the way, it was he who scored the last Budejovice goal so far in a home match with Sparta, it was in July 2019. And March 2024? “We played bravely, but we only managed half chances. We didn’t manage to finish interesting situations,” described Kladrubský.

Looking at the table is still unpleasant for his team: Dynamo remains last four rounds before the end of the regular season, which is the only relegation position. He continues to lose a point to Karvina, two to Zlín. “Time is running out, but we are not wrapping it up,” assured Kladrubský. “We can still jump up.”

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