Verstappen at Mercedes? Villeneuve thinks Wolff just wants to annoy Horner –

Verstappen at Mercedes? Villeneuve thinks Wolff just wants to annoy Horner –
Verstappen at Mercedes? Villeneuve thinks Wolff just wants to annoy Horner –

Jacques Villeneuve doesn’t think Toto Wolff has any real interest in Max Verstappen.

Recently, there has been speculation about Max Verstappen’s departure from Red Bull, although he himself has repeatedly denied this and, according to his words, intends to keep the current contract. In addition, we have a vacant seat at Mercedes and Toto Wolff is sending signals that he would be interested in Verstappen. It’s not the first time – Mercedes was interested in Verstappen even before he entered the world of Formula 1. But in the end, he was “caught” by Red Bull, who put him behind the wheel of an F1 car at the age of 17.

But Villeneuve does not believe in the current courtship and believes that Wolff is not interested in signing a contract with Verstappen and is only trying to stir up the behind-the-scenes happenings at Red Bull and anger team boss Christian Horner.

“I can’t imagine Toto Wolff wanting Max,” Villeneuve told the Daily Express. According to the 1997 world champion, Wolff is only talking about it to “piss off Red Bull.”

“I can’t imagine him in Mercedes. They lost the championship to Red Bull and Max,” said Villeneuve, referring to the 2021 season finale.

“It’s definitely not because she really wants Max. Rather, it has to do with the fact that he wants to join Red Bull.”

Villeneuve reflected on how a possible departure of Verstappen would affect Red Bull. “Would the team win without Verstappen? Probably yes. Max wins because he has an amazing car and Red Bull wins because he has an amazing driver. But he’s not the only amazing driver out there – put Alonso in that car and he’d be winning too.”

“I’m sure Max believes he could win at Mercedes and Ferrari and he would be the one to make the difference. He must believe that he might be able to make such a difference.’

“He’s beating Pérez at the moment and it makes him look amazing. But we don’t know how good Pérez really is. All we know is that he is not as good as Verstappen.”

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