A woman weighing over 250 kg broke the Internet with a somersault – eXtra.cz

A woman weighing over 250 kg broke the Internet with a somersault – eXtra.cz
A woman weighing over 250 kg broke the Internet with a somersault – eXtra.cz

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The third gala evening of the Red Face organization is around the corner and all the actors of the 3rd tournament are finishing their preparations. In the cage, for example, Lucie Kotlárová, who weighs over 200 kilograms, will appear as “Princess Droběna”, who has now given a glimpse of what her training looks like and entertained the fans. How many kilos did she lose because of her premiere in the cage and how did her life change?

Former friend of Shopaholicadel Jan Kulas, well-known clown Venca Kršek aka Vencíček, YouTuber Freescoot versus popular French influencer Jean Claude Memort whose Lucie Kotlárová alias “Princess Droběna” – these are some of the names that hang on the Red Face 3 fightcard. The third gala evening of the controversial organization is already around the corner, and not only the promoters, but also the actors themselves are now finalizing their preparations.

Princess Droběna threw herself into preparation

And one of the biggest attractions of the third tournament is certainly the match of “Princess Droběna” weighing over two hundred kilograms, who will enter the cage against an opponent weighing barely 50 kg. People love the bizarre and this bizarre duel is once again a shining example of that. rules of MMA How do actresses prepare?

It was the “Princess Droběna” who gave a glimpse into her preparation on social networks and talked about it for eXtra.cz as well. “I have training three times a week, one day we swim, practice breathing, the next day we have sparring, another day we do strength training. Well, quite a lot,” she revealed recently. She said that she lost 7 kg and that she feels a little better. “I know it doesn’t show much at this weight, but it’s there. Breathing is a bit better too, so yes, there are changes.” added a woman who is made fun of because of her weight.

A video of Droběna trying to do a somersault or sitting on an inflatable ball is now circulating on social networks. The viral footage immediately became the target of ridicule. “It’s a shame…that the ball can’t talk about its own feelings…” or “You don’t almost break your neck when somersaulting,” fans humorously comment on posts posted by the Red Face organization on Instagram.

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