Vlastk devoted everything to football, Janek remembered the fateful coach Marek

During my career I met some great trainers. But Vlastek was the first one I got to know in Czech, and even then it was clear that he has a great relationship with football and is also a great hunter, first of all Janek on the sad 15th of Marek’s early death. A fan favorite of the first league Zlín and Teplice, he died on the 2nd of 2007 at the age of just 41.

The quality of the training of the national team would grow. He had all the prerequisites.

Tom Janek, bval hr Zlna

When you learned football in the Czech Republic, you probably wouldn’t have thought that you would meet at the league table, right?
At eight td, I didn’t have the sense to be able to evaluate the trainer, where he will move. But when he comes back, I would like him to sleep in the adult category as well. He created such a relationship with football in us, which then carried us through his career.

His journey to the top was unconventional. Did you see any honor in him?
He had to mt her. He was moving to the junior level also thanks to the situation with the trainers in Zln. There were not enough of them, there were no finances. And because he was of good quality, he moved up. I remember one instance when the water was not flowing to Vrav and he was cutting grass there, lining up a hit, sleeping in the stadium. He was involved in football and was able to devote everything to it.

The Mldenick center in Zln na Vrav cannot be named after anyone else.
That’s right.

He flew with you to the finals of the Nike Cup world tournament in South Africa.
I remember that eight only in the best way. We had a good drink and then we were joined by Mr. Mareek. In est td we were led by a trainer similar to him, Mr. Pnk. They had a lot in common. At times, they knew how to prepare the team from a tactical point of view. They also rated their records of individual games. We have seen where we can improve. It wasn’t common then. This is how they set themselves apart from the competition. They managed to prepare the team for the day, in a good sense of the word, to make us go crazy. It culminated in advancing to the global finals of the Nike Cup in South Africa, where he flew as a coach of the fifth category.

Owned by Mareek

He was born on April 15, 1966 in Uherske Hraditi, grew up in Kunovice, where he played football for two years and then played football. The dog Synot Star Msto got to Zlno, there the trainer’s dog worked up to the first league team, he led the underestimated newcomer to the 7th place, which he repeated a year later. Then he left for Teplice, where his aunt and uncle died under his baton. He did not finish the 2006/07 season due to cancer, he succumbed to the disease on the 2nd of 2007, he is survived by his wife Hana and sons Martin and David. In the Czech league, he had a record of 45 wins, 31 draws, 30 losses, thus he was an assistant for the under-16 and under-21 youth teams.

Was it in football tta?
Since he was close to his family and we were children, he was able to form a bond with them. He was interested in us. He laid a path so that we could have a good time in the sun, go to the sun and behave in the sun. Those who didn’t fulfill it didn’t play. Today it is bn vc, but not then. I remember how we were driving from the relative rescue in Tebi and on the way back he sat behind them, played the guitar and sang with them.

Did he then change at the first league ka?
In moss oh no. There was a lot of pressure on him, for results, for a good game. He knew when he needed to let go and when to stick to his neck. Kuchai (in the restaurant at the stadium) laughed several times that they were being knocked over. But it always had some kind of tone from him, he never mastered the game. I don’t know how it is for others, but when someone criticizes me and doesn’t understand me, I think about it and work with it better.

Did he explode like that?
He was impulsive. It was woven into the main entrance. He was able to forgive football mistakes. But when someone dropped something or left, he didn’t forgive.

Did he have a game like that in the dark?
As a youth coach, he had a great insight into youth football. When he was a junior in the league, he knew about half of the games that were moving in the fray. He knew their characters, how they were at football. Then he could choose the game. He did not forget the character. Today, the game chooses you for the academy of Salzburg based on your athleticism, character, and in this city there is football. And he had the same, even when athleticism was not available at the time. We had no problems with movement.

I remember that after every hit he looked as if he had played it.
He broke through. Someone cheated on him. I can’t judge it, but Vlasta was like that. When we won, you could see how it fell off him and he relaxed. He knew how to rejoice. His favorite Svak song was heard in the cabins.

Tom Janek in an aerial duel with an opponent during the Zln – Jihlava duel.

Did I put myself under pressure?
He strove not to beat him on the muster, so that he could calmly pepper him to the rescue.

For him, football ruined his health.
Thank you. But if he hadn’t been so busy with football, he wouldn’t have achieved such training goals. How it affected some medical condition is speculation I don’t want to get into. He was like that and a hunter like me. He loved football, he loved everything. Unfortunately, the disease got the better of him.

He beat cancer for the first time in 2002 in Zln. Did you hear about his fight?
He didn’t care about it. We knew something, but we didn’t know that it would be so painful. When he first got sick, I thought it would be good. I didn’t expect such an ending. It was sad at first. I was just playing Nite. I went from Slovakia to travel.

Will he remember to ride it?
When do I see any football or when do Zln, Teplice play?

Some saw him as the coach of the national team.
Without a doubt, he was an excellent coach and the quality of the representative team would grow. He had all the prerequisites. He was a young man. He had a lot of time.

Vlastislav Mare

How did he show himself on the thorn, did he get involved?
Not for the game. But with the realization of the darkness or with the old group of games, you were kicked by the bago. He was sociable. He was fighting for food, small things.

Try to summarize its main advantages.
Diligence. Dobe knew how to pick out games, he knew how to work with them, even with young people. In Zln, he brought Tom Dujka, Vlasta Vidlik, Jirko Koubska to his room. We drank with a certain position from a teenager, from a junior, but when you step into the cabin, everything changes. But he was able to help us, he cared for us and he knew how to prepare us for the league. It didn’t work right away. With hindsight, I can see that his guess was correct, that he had it in pieces.

Was he a good psychologist, educator?
He knew how to play the game. He didn’t charge young people, but he gave an old and experienced player, you Ed Lasot, freedom, which they then paid him with a hit. He knew how to guess the game. With whomever he spoke, he found common ground and won him over to his side. After that, Hr will do his best to hit and no one can tell him anything. With Bob Pnk, we used the system of defenders, and I drew on their principles for my entire career.

Was he a pedant from the start?
In those days, it was not looked upon that way. After the fights, he didn’t know if there would be a beer or not. When we won, the old boys were allowed one.

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