ONLINE: they are going head-to-head with Finland for the EuroBasket playoffs, Satoransk is coming back

ONLINE: they are going head-to-head with Finland for the EuroBasket playoffs, Satoransk is coming back
ONLINE: they are going head-to-head with Finland for the EuroBasket playoffs, Satoransk is coming back

and then they played in front of the house with the backdrop of O2 those saved arenas, they left them with completely different feelings.

Disappointed and exhausted against Poland, she remained in a positive mood after the successful ending with the championship favorite, Serbia. Then on Monday, and for the first time, they went with the Netherlands in a feeling of respect, over which the highlight in the form of an unsuccessful second half hung.

ONLINE: esko vs. Finland

We are following the fourth defeat of the Czech team in group D in detail

For us, it was a salvation for everything, to which even the entrance corresponded. We honor the lion, but we must not fall asleep on the couch. We have to carry the same energy into the match against the Finns, said Tom Kyzlink after the first triumph, who took on the role of conductor of the flow in the defense and handed out a total of nine assists.

esk procedures mathematics

    and proceedFinnish con
    Unclear situation. ei must hoping for Israel’s loss to Serbia on the dayso that they can fight for advancement against him on Thursday
  • Serbs and Poles have certain progress from the group

The usual organizer of the game Tom Satoransk missed for the second time in a row against the Netherlands.

An hour before the match, however, he showed up at the training camp in the dark and is also starting the match.

There is a lot at stake against Finm.

Let him be assured that the Netherlands, which has not yet won a single match (they also lost the match against Poland), cannot catch up with him. The mathematics of the procedure is complicated with regard to the Finns, who have the same point as Ginzburg in the game after five games.

In the event of a daily triumph, they go even further. Even if the Finns beat the Netherlands in the last match on Thursday, the match against Israel would not be important in terms of promotion, as both teams had a better match against the Finns.

Group D

1. Poland 7 p. (4 saves)
2. Serbia 6 b. (3)
3. Israel 5 b. (3)
4. Finland 4 b. (3)
5. esko 4 b. (3)
6. Netherlands 4 b. (4)

*the best teams advance to the quarter-finals, in the event of a tie, a match-up will decide the match, the loser will be eliminated from the mini-table

The Finns lost the opener against Israel in overtime, but then they showed their strength in the match against Poland, who won by 40 points. They then lost against the Serbs from the start, the day after they did not beat the favorites and lost by 30.

According to some, the driving force behind Finland is Lauri Markkanen, a pivot from the NBA, who seems to be on the way to the European final.

Averaged 23 points and 7 rebounds per save (both team highs). An interesting Finnish link with the esk team is the pivot Alexander Madsen, he only played between 2016 and 2018 in the esk league for USK Prague.

Pivots Jan Vesel (14.3 points per game) and Martin Peterka (13.3) rose to the position of the Czech team’s points leader after a fantastic performance against the Netherlands.

What in ppad porky?

  • ei lost control
  • IF the Israelis defeated the Serbs today, advance Israelis and Finns (even if the Finns did not win the last match against the Netherlands, they have a better match against the Czech Republic). the fourth quarter with Israel would not be relevant for echoes.
  • IF the Serb confirms the role of favorite today, will decide on Thursday.
  • IF they lose to Israel, so be it end.
  • IF Israel is defeated and the Netherlands is defeated by the Finns, both of them will advance (the Finns have a point, and on the basis of a good mutual relationship with Israel).
  • IF the Finns and the Dutch disappoint and even win against Israel, the decision will be made by the Czech-Israel-Finland trio.

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