Xiaomi Smart Hub is coming. Where can we find him and what can he do?

  • Xiaomi Smart Hub is a new feature in Xiaomi phones
  • It premiered in the Xiaomi 14 Ultra model
  • It will make it easier for you to manage your home

Xiaomi officially started selling Xiaomi 14 and Xiaomi 14 Ultra in the Czech Republic a few weeks ago. The top model has already managed to receive two updatesthe former contained the March patches for the Android 14 operating system, the latter brought a new feature, named as Xiaomi Smart Hub.

At the time of writing, it is only available for the Xiaomi 14 Ultra, in China, owners of the Xiaomi 14 already have it on their phones, and we can expect that it’s heading to a number of other phones soon. You can find the Xiaomi Smart Hub after downloading the bar, it is located among other controls. And what can he actually do?

Through the Xiaomi Smart Hub, you can quickly get to control selected Xiaomi appliances in your home, while some basic operations (such as turning on the lights) can be done directly from this menu without having to continue to the Xiaomi Home application. Visually, it looks great (of course only when you have at least a few Xiaomi products at home), the real benefit in its current form is rather smaller for me, it was possible to get to the Xiaomi Home application quickly already in the pastit just wasn’t that nice.

The composition of your Xiaomi products that you use at home also has an influence. I will gradually add more products and watch, which can be easily controlled directly through the Xiaomi Smart Hub. We don’t yet know if the feature will make its way to all Android 14 and HyperOS phones, or if it will be reserved for select phones only.

We will see where Xiaomi takes the connectivity of its products in 2024 and later in the future. The presentation of the first Xiaomi SU7 electric car shows that the manufacturer wants to move forward in a fundamental way and will not stay only with small household products. Greater interconnection of phones with the rest of the products and subsequently with cars clearly makes sense. The end of MIUI and the arrival of HyperOS is probably just the beginning for Xiaomi…

Xiaomi introduced absurdly cheap Mini LED TVs with 144 Hz and a peak brightness of 1,200 nits. We are unlucky…

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