Samsung A04s: Samsung presented the first model for 2023. It starts with the cheapest

Samsung A04s: Samsung presented the first model for 2023. It starts with the cheapest
Samsung A04s: Samsung presented the first model for 2023. It starts with the cheapest

Samsung opened another model year with a basic device last year as well, when it introduced the A03s model in August. This year it is the A04s, i.e. the phone of the lowest class within the range of Samsung. The three at the end belongs to the 2022 model year, the four to next year. Other A-series phones for next year will also end with a 4, unless Samsung comes up with a change.

And be careful, the calculation is different for the S series, this year’s models have a two at the end, next year they will get a three. The new numbering started in 2020, when Samsung introduced the S20 series models. For the A series, the new labeling began in 2019, so the phones have a head start in labeling.

The A03s model was not sold in the Czech Republic, on the domestic market you can purchase the A03 model, which Samsung introduced only in January of this year. There is one more variant called A03 Core. The last one has the weakest equipment, although the first two also differ in terms of equipment, but it is difficult to evaluate which of them is better. The Samsung A03 is currently sold on the Czech market for 3,800 crowns.

It is not yet known how it will be next year. In any case, even in the A04 series, the lineup will be the same as this year, i.e. A04, A04s and A04 Core. So far, only the A04s model is presented, specifically for the Northern European markets (Sweden, Norway). The novelty is not yet available and Samsung does not even give a price. But in conversion, it should be below the threshold of 4 thousand crowns.

The Samsung A04s has a 6.5-inch HD+ display, the same parameters as the A03s. However, the novelty has a maximum refresh rate of 90Hz. The processor has changed, instead of the Mediatek Helio P35, the novelty received a chip from Samsung’s own production, namely the three-year-old Exynos 850 processor. In synthetic tests, these are essentially the same powerful chips.

There will be several memory variants with 3 or 4 GB of RAM and 32, 64 or 128 GB of user space. The weakest lineup will already be quite exotic on the market, usually only the cheapest smartphones, which do not include Samsung, have so little memory.

The camera has been improved. The current A03s has three lenses with a 13Mpix main and a pair of two megapixels for depth of field and macro. The novelty has a similar set-up, only the main sensor has a resolution of 50 Mpix. Other equipment remains including a headphone jack and a 5,000mAh battery. It is important that the phone has NFC, which many other competitors in the low-end category do not have. Which is a big advantage for Samsung.

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