Disinformation is spreading through Czech society. Earlier leaders of the scene ended up in the courts


Jindich Rajchl, who held an anti-government demonstration last Saturday at the Vclavsk Square, took over the imaginary function of the leader of the council. According to estimates, thousands of people were represented. Ladislav Vrabel, who also collected pensions from the people, gave demonstrations in the time of his glory. Rajchl also owed the same.

Roman Mca, an expert on disinformation, said that this is a classic phenomenon that occurs among self-proclaimed saviors and saviors of the nation.

It met Chcpl PES, Volnho, Vrabel. There were so many of them. They were able to collect millions from developers and many people will remember them. He was heading in the same direction, but of course he was aware of the state of the pension account, which was sent to him by easily manipulated people to save them from poverty, commented Mca.

First, in June of last year, the police accused Vrabel of fraud. According to the criminologist, Sthan improperly received support for his company during the coronavirus pandemic. Vrabel’s lawyer Radek Such said at the time that he considered the accused to be senseless.

Ladislav Vrabel speaks to his friends after the trial. (April 27, 2023)

However, this is not the only accusation that has fallen on disinformation. I already know the case of Tome Ermek and his colleague Patrik Tula, who, among other things, incited hatred towards refugees. Both of them sit behind me for a moment. Tul was serving a 25-month sentence for various things, including hate speech about Ukrainians, threatening to kill a party or unpaid alimony, and threatening an ex-partner.

ermek was sentenced to 5.5 years in prison for promoting terrorism, because when he posted on social media he called for the use of violence against senators, deputies and government leaders. ermek avoided going to prison, he was caught by a policeman in Poland. At the end of the trial, however, he filed an appeal against the verdict.

The first defender of ermek is former news and misinformationist Jana Peterkov. First Peterkov not long ago the Supreme Court refused leave. She posted a video on social media about the drastic killings and forced confinement of children in hospitals against covid-19. She received a condition for this, which was then confirmed by the Supreme Court.

The judgment of this court dated November 27, 2023 was confirmed as completely correct and legal. The sentence imposed by the court here remained unchanged. In this phase, the convicted woman cannot file a leave against the sentence. In general, it can be said that this life of a criminal woman should be subject to statutory punishment, said the president of the District Court for Prague 4, Michal Dvok.

The police are investigating embezzlement

The old news, however, often comes first on social media. For example, withdraw his first-year pension. Maybe he’s just trying to use him as a mascot to collect money from his fans. ermk and Tul are in the narratives of the Romanians as political prisoners who were slandered in connection with the death of Alexei Navalny, Vt Kuk commented for iDNES.cz speaking of the Czech elves who engage in disinformation.

Activist Jana Peterkov

The bag is also connected to the shoulder strap. That is the unlikely presidential candidate Pavel Ztko. But he also went to the police station. Last June, a patrol stopped him on the highway for speeding, and eventually wanted to arrest him because he had a warrant out for his arrest.

The police were then forced to use coercive means because Ztko refused to voluntarily get out of the car. According to sources, the police are investigating him for the possible commission of a criminal act of embezzlement.

I was asked about the business process, the deadline was extended until April 30, 2024 at the proposal of the police body, this was acceptable to the supervising state representative, Lucie Andlov commented for iDNES.cz, the spokeswoman of the Municipal State Representative in Prague.

Regarding the connection with the armband, Ztko vz published a video on his Facebook profile in which he attached the wanted armband to the gas station. In the video, he talks about how he’s been drinking all day and doesn’t know where he is. Convicted misinformer so don’t be afraid of him and he’s free.

Another strange thing about Ztek is his stolen pension from the Srdcem pro Vlast association. Cash is regularly withdrawn from it, it can be used to pay for petrol and to pay for games on the phone. Not to mention the fees for asking about the status here.

Ztko didn’t just rely on hard work, but on his business. For example, we will offer an absolute world novelty in 2024, the unique and innovative EcoFox electrical energy optimizer, which will cost about 500 euros per year.

Any invitation to buy a matured product.

According to his further description, it is a peak Austrian invention and a product of the European Union, which works on the storage of blind (inert) energy. EcoFox is produced for an unbelievable starting price of 999 euros, so its payback is almost 2 years. EcoFox can of course be purchased without VAT, except for the purchase of Ztko, which is currently in execution.

A skirmish at the dream

When it comes to disinformation in general, it will end in HDK. Pensions play the main role. For example, now Peterkov broke up with Ztek first. The reason is the skirmish that took place on the weekend at the National Assembly of the People of Slovakia in Bruntle. According to Peterkov, at the first meeting Ztko forbade, among other things, the use of headphones and did not allow anyone to use the microphone for several hours.

I’m going to spoil Peterkova’s stable.
Her profile has been an endless source of entertainment for me lately.


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