The needless death of a man on the Slavs

The needless death of a man on the Slavs
The needless death of a man on the Slavs

The man did not cooperate with the police or rescuers, was aggressive and subsequently died

Yesterday evening, before seven o’clock, the police went to the apartment in Plzeň na Slovany at the request of the family, that their fetid relative was going on a rampage here and did not want to leave the apartment.

Since the young man was still very aggressive and repeatedly refused to obey the calls of the police, he had to be handcuffed during the procedure. Subsequently, the policemen found out through a test that the man was indeed under the influence of meth, and the items found on him confirmed that he was a regular user of this dangerous drug.

Later, however, the man’s health began to deteriorate, apparently after taking meth, so the police called the paramedics to the scene instead. Unfortunately, the man’s condition continued to deteriorate until he lost consciousness and went into cardiac arrest. So the rescuers started his resuscitation, but unfortunately his vital functions could not be restored and the doctor had to pronounce him dead.

The doctor of the emergency service was replaced by the coroner, and the investigation of the incident was taken over by criminal investigators.

“I can confirm that we are investigating the case and an autopsy has been ordered on the deceased,” the police spokeswoman told us, adding that she will be able to provide more detailed information about the case when the results of the aforementioned autopsy are known.

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