Hockey blood in his veins. But Patrik Augusta continues the family tradition in a different way


Tomek was transported by a back. No one expected me to take such an action, Vála confides

You can’t remember grandpa as a player. But have you seen dad play?
I only vaguely remember that. When he was still playing at the end of his career in Germany, we lived there for a while. That’s why I remember when he played, but I was still very young.

Where do you think it is more difficult to break into the elite? As a referee or as a coach?
It is a difficult question. They are two different professions that belong to hockey one hundred percent. Hockey cannot do without them. When it comes to coaching, you need to study a lot, get licenses. At the highest levels, a university degree is already a requirement. In this, the referee’s career is a little easier. But I don’t think it’s completely comparable like that.

The Vysočina region is currently not represented in the extra league, but referees from here are gaining ground in professional competitions. Has a strong generation of referees gathered in the region?
I don’t know if you can put it that way. But there are Lukáš Rampír and Jirka Ondráček in the extra league, Tomáš Mejzlík joined them this year. So we certainly have a few successful judges in Vysočina.

When you mentioned colleagues Rampír and Ondráček, they have already established themselves at the international level. Do you already have some experience with international hockey? Is that your goal?
It would certainly be nice to see some championships abroad. So far, I actually only have experience with a few international matches that were played in the Czech Republic. For example, within the framework of the five youth hockey tournament, whether it was in the sixteen or seventeen years category. It’s actually a nice dream. To look somewhere abroad, as they were this year Lukáš Rampir with Jiří Ondráček at the twenties championship.

Dad goes to the games

This year, you co-decided the second duel of the semi-final series of the Chance League between Litoměřice and Zlín. Was it your highlight so far?
Last year I only played in the second league, so it’s definitely a jump. That hockey is faster, more aggressive, the players go at each other. It is also more physically demanding. But I enjoyed it and I’m grateful that I got the opportunity to whistle the semi-final.

The Premier League finals start this week. Do you have another nomination?
As for the Chance League, not this year. It’s not because I’ve failed, but because I’m new this year. And the fact that I made it to the playoffs in my first season, when I’m still managing the matches of the second league, was already a great success. So I was grateful that I could whistle at least one semi-final match.

Every father watches and supports his offspring. Does your dad go to your matches?
If he has a chance, yes. He came to see me a few times this year, last year he went to Letňany for the second league final, for example. So he definitely supports me in whistling.

You can’t lose weight in America, Jágr laughed. But he keeps himself in front of the barrage

Does he only support or criticize?
As I said, we talk about hockey on a daily basis. We discuss different situations and the like. But he certainly doesn’t criticize me.

And conversely. How did you experience the U20 championship, where he coached the Czech national team?
I am very proud of him because it was a huge success that he was responsible for. I went to watch the championship live, I saw two games of the regular season, so I enjoyed it on the spot. Unfortunately, I only watched the bronze medal match at home on TV. But it was great. A great achievement.

Your family is connected to Jihlava, where the modern arena is now growing. How are you looking forward to it?
Of course, I am very much looking forward to it and I hope that I will get the opportunity to play some games there.

The Augusta Hockey Dynasty
Joseph Augusta (24 November 1946 – 16 February 2017)
hockey forward and coach
As a player, he was an eight-time champion of the Czechoslovak Republic with Dukla Jihlava. With the national team, he won a silver medal at the 1976 Olympic Games, and was also a three-time silver medalist at the World Championships.
During his coaching career, he won two championship titles – with Dukla Jihlava and Olomouc. As a national team assistant and later head coach, he became a three-time world champion. He led the Czech national team at the 2002 Olympics.
Patrick Augusta (11/13/1969)
hockey forward and coach, son of Josef Augusta
He celebrated the championship title with his mother Dukla Jihlava in 1991, twelve years later he won the German title with Krefeld Pinguine. In the national team, he won a bronze medal at the 1992 Olympic Games and at the World Championships in the same year.
After ending his playing career, he also started coaching. In the extra league, Mlada Boleslav, Liberec led. Last summer, he was appointed coach of the under-20 national team, with whom he won a bronze medal at the U20 World Cup in Sweden this January.
Patrick Augusta (6/5/2002)
hockey forward and referee, grandson of Josef Augusta and son of Patrik Augusta
He ended his playing career as a junior (he played for Dukla Jihlava and Žďár nad Sázavou) and started to become a hockey referee. He has been active in the first league since this season.

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