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Abominable hopelessness

“There’s no point running from a creature that’s already had enough of biting your tail. Face her. Scoff at her obscenity, or cry if you need to. Fury But look straight into that hideous mouth of hers.’

When we think of death, we often imagine a heavy dense mass that covers us, prevents us from moving and covers our entire world in a dark, impenetrable cloak. Never-ending sadness and hopelessness. But also death for us perfectly sanctifies life and encourages us to truly live it while we still have the chance. It’s never too late.

The Fantasy Shop is opening!

“Remember how that plastic dinosaur you got for Christmas wore a Barbie lady’s hat and saved the world?”

A man with a strange name, a briefcase and a hat arrives in the Australian town of Boonah. When the right time comes and the right place appears, from a briefcase with a strange inscription ‘Vendralium. Hiclpus. Pigvilia‘ an even stranger shop will be created. A shop with fantasy. The place that brings comfort to all who have lost someone or something. It helps to connect with people long gone and to say goodbye to those who have left wounds in our hearts that we believe will never heal.

Little by little it interferes with the everyday life of all people in the city. It transforms their hearts and lives. Can an old woman with a soul as dry as straw find her way to her biggest dream again? Will three brothers be able to start over after their beloved dad dies of cancer? And what about the girl whose life has been touched by death so many times that she has become so insulated from grief that she no longer feels anything at all?

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Cry in a nice way

Sometimes when you’ve lost a lot and you’re about to lose another, you just long for something to stay.

I brought the fantasy shop from the World of Books. The time was ripe for him at Christmas, when, with the increasingly dense diagnoses, I thought about death more than normal. I’m not dying and I don’t want to kill myself, but the thoughts slip there sometimes. I had a good cry with her. In that nice, comforting way that it leaves joy, peace and reconciliation. Like a whole book.

The solution is not to love less

Maybe one doesn’t really need an antidote to grief. They just have to find a way to get through it.

Death can bring a lot of pain into our lives. She wouldn’t bring it if we didn’t like it. If we didn’t have a lot of beautiful experiences with that person. Death it hurts more the more we loved. However, the cure for pain is not to love less and deprive yourself of good things throughout your life so that you don’t suffer as much in the future.

When we love, we cannot avoid suffering, but a remedy for pain and death it’s always just life and love again. Let yourself be flooded with the beauty that we have in our heart. By walking together on the beach, collecting seashells, muffins for good night, reading fairy tales, cheating at board games and shopping for second-hand jewelry. To allow beautiful memories to rise from our hearts to our eyes, find their way out with the help of tears and gradually wash away all our pain.

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Suffering with ease

Dad used to say that beads could cure any ailment. And if not, one will at least look chic in the face of the end of the world.

We’ve all lost someone. We all sometimes lose pieces of ourselves, pieces of our dreams. But we always carry medicine with us. All the little things that we they remind us that we are still alive, that we lived a wonderful life with the person who left and that we could dream somewhere there. And we can still do it! And most of us don’t even need a little imagination to do that.

The book, which contained so much human suffering and pain, is paradoxically framed by lightness and comfort. It is so comforting to read into it and know that although we will never be prepared for the death of our loved ones, nothing can make it easier for us, and yet we can still live on. To take one step at a time and with the help of that great love that hurts us and tears our hearts from our bodies, to heal again. The fantasy shop shows us that it is never too late to decide not to give up on life and start living again.

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