Prague 6 makes parking more expensive in the zones. Will prices also increase in the rest of the metropolis?


If the politicians in the capital are preparing a more fundamental reform of the parking rules, they are not doing it just to make it easier for the citizens of Prague to park close to their homes, as is often heard. Although in these contexts the term “driver from central Bohemia” is often perceived directly as an insult, the obvious goals of the upcoming changes also include focusing on Prague drivers.

How will the parking rules in Prague change? This was discussed at the assembly of mayors

And on the one hand, to get more money from them in fees for parking permits in paid parking zones, on the other hand, it is precisely the financial pressure to make them consider whether they really need all the cars they own. And whether they can’t find a place for their cars when they’re not driving, other than parking them on the street. This emerged from a panel discussion organized by the Chamber of Commerce on Tuesday, March 26.

To reduce parking cars

Although the participating politicians agreed that they still cannot agree on the price for parking permits for Prague citizens, they are united in the fact that the price will increase. The only question remains is its impact and the perceptibility of the impact on car owners. With voices calling for this to be an amount that will “re-educate” motorists: it will encourage them to change their behavior in order to reduce the number of cars on the roads.

For the time being, the Prague councilors decided in mid-January on two more fundamental changes that will apply from the beginning of next year. Only until December 31 this year can electric cars use free parking in paid parking zones. The so-called portable parking permits will also be abolished on the same date. More changes are on the way – but they are proving to be bumpy and bumpy. Maybe even quite steep.

They are supposed to result from the proposal that the municipality submitted for debate to the city districts. Now he deals with and tries to incorporate their numerous (and often contradictory) comments. On Thursday, March 7, the Assembly of Mayors of the Municipal Districts of Prague showed how far it is still from the result, when the parking rules are to be solved also in connection with the planned charging of entry to parts of the center.

Among other things, it is expected that people living in areas with blue zones should be able to pay for the option of parking in a cheaper limited location around the house or to pre-pay for hours of parking for visitors – whether relatives or a craftsman come to see them. Among other things, the rules for the entry of supply vehicles are also set to change, or the introduction of a city-wide parking card for visitors is expected.

The coalition has yet to come to an agreement

Already in the past, 1st Deputy Mayor Zdeněk Hřib (Pirates) has repeatedly emphasized that, in his opinion, the current price for parking permits for residents in blue zones (CZK 1,200 per year) should be significantly increased – and blue zones should also be introduced by city districts in housing estates. He considers it “normal” for people to pay for storing their private property – their car – on the street. And he denies that, according to his calculations, the “subsidy” of parking spaces is greater than the support of public transport.

Owners of electric cars will start paying for parking in Prague from 2025

That the increase in prices also has the support of other politicians emerged from a panel discussion on parking in the center of the metropolis, already organized by the Prague Chamber of Commerce on Tuesday in the Czech Club of the Municipal House. Although Hřib did not participate, those present supported some of his ideas as part of the politicians’ debate.

The chairman of the transport committee of the Prague council, Martin Sedeke (ODS), stated that the ruling coalition of Together (which, in addition to the ODS, also includes KDU-ČSL and TOP 09), Pirátů and STAN, ruling Prague, only agreed that the money collected in connection with parking would the capital was to invest in this area again. The coalition partners have not yet agreed on the specific amounts for permits for parking zones under the new rules – but it seems that these payments are indeed headed for higher prices.

There is still no agreement on the amount of payments in the coalition, however, Sedeke indicated that an agreement is on the way: “The way to achieve this has been agreed upon.” by incorporating comments and requests for changes that the municipality received from city districts in January. Then there will be a discussion in expert groups – and then a solution at the political level. This includes the determination of specific amounts that the city will request from motorists.

The price hike is supposed to drive cars off the streets

It emerged from the panel discussion participants’ debate that, in addition to the price for a parking permit, politicians and municipal officials also consider it necessary to address stricter penalties for parking-related offenses – so that the fine does not come out cheaper than the all-day parking fee in the machine – and their better enforcement. After all, a big topic remains above all the amount of the required payment for a permit to park in paid parking zones, which should also be “motivating”. Motivate residents to pay for parking in underground garages, which are said to remain half-empty – and perhaps even families to consider getting rid of their second, less frequently used car.

Some representatives of the opposition in the Prague council agree that the current amount of CZK 1,200 per year should be increased. For example, Adam Scheinherr (Praha Sobě), who in the last election period was also the deputy mayor for the area of ​​transport and historic preservation, thinks that the corresponding amount would be between two and three thousand per year. He also pointed out that the monitoring cars only record bad parking in the zones – but not outside them.

It is said that the increase in price will make way for locals

The current change in Prague 6, which will come into effect on Tuesday, April 2, applies only to mixed purple zones in some parts of Břevnov (in the streets Bělohorská, Břevnovská, Pod Marjánkou) and Vokovice (here it is the streets Africká, Liberijská, Na Dlouhém lán, Pod Kladenská silnicí and about the Kladenská part near the Borislavka and Šárka shopping centers). As part of the daily tariff there, Prague will now collect CZK 40 per hour from drivers who do not live in the area between eight in the morning and eight in the evening – and CZK 40 per night between eight in the evening and six in the morning.

Repainting the paid parking zone in Prague.

He took the parking system in Prague into his own hands. A man made a blue zone out of a purple zone

It will benefit the locals, explains Ondřej Matěj Hrubeš (ODS), councilor of the sixth city district for transport. According to him, the higher hourly rate will shorten the parking time of visitors at the Bořislavka metro station and in the areas around Bělohorská Street, so that there will be more spaces for local residents or residents. “At the same time, around the Bořislavka Centrum complex, non-resident visitors have the opportunity to park in the shopping center’s underground garages,” Hrubeš pointed out.

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