The death of a famous Slovak DJ raises conjecture: The police were in a frenzy and covered in blood, says the mother

The death of a famous Slovak DJ raises conjecture: The police were in a frenzy and covered in blood, says the mother
The death of a famous Slovak DJ raises conjecture: The police were in a frenzy and covered in blood, says the mother

The unexpected death of the Slovak DJ, known by the name Peter Hrad, raises more and more questions. The last moments of the artist, who was detained by the police shortly before his death, were described by his mother in an interview for Nový Čas. The incident is now being investigated by the police inspectorate.

The musician died shortly after celebrating his 40th birthday. According to the testimony of his close friend for, he should have hit the curb while driving on March 22, which drew attention to himself. With the damaged wheels, he allegedly drove to the gas station in the Juh housing estate, from where the police were supposed to take him. “At the same time, he shouted: ‘Help, they’re going to kill me!'” said a friend of the musician.

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“On Friday, March 22, at about 12:30 in the evening, the police called me and they asked me if I was Peter’s mother. They didn’t want to say anything to me on the phone and said they would come to my house. In no time, they rang the bell and took me to the district department in Poprad. There I saw my son handcuffed in the corridor and many policemen around. He had a bloody mouth, bloodshot eyes and a broken head,” the musician’s mother described the situation after Peter’s detention for Nový Čas.


“My son was there screaming, throwing himself at the police and fighting back. They wanted me to calm him down. But he was in shock, maddened,” the mother continued. She said she wanted the policemen to take her son to a psychiatric hospital in Levoč, where Peter was supposed to be treated since January. “But they rejected it and claimed that they didn’t have his approval and mine wasn’t enough for them. Finally, they loaded him into a car and took him to the hospital in Poprad. They wanted to take his blood and urine there,” the mother added.

In the hospital, Peter was still supposed to defend himself. “He was sobbing and literally fighting for his life. The hospital staff ran there. They didn’t want to let me see my son, and a policewoman was watching over me the whole time. Suddenly, my son was brought in on a wheelchair, and I hoped that they would finally take him to a psychiatric hospital. Outside, however, the police loaded him back into the car. I was in the other car with the policewoman and I learned that he was being taken to the pre-trial detention cell. Not even five minutes had passed before the policemen turned and sped back to the hospital. The son collapsed in their car,” said the mother. They should have started resuscitating him outside the hospital and then taken him to the emergency room.

“There they told me that his brain is no longer working, but he is still alive on the machines. When I asked the policewoman why they didn’t take him to a psychiatric hospital and if it had to be like this, she just shook her head,” said the mother.

When she came to see her son the next morning, he was said to be in critical condition. “His brain was shutting down as the swelling grew and his organs were failing. They asked me if the priest should come for the last anointing. In the afternoon, I said goodbye to my son for the last time,” added the woman. When leaving, the primary minister should have informed her that before the hospital would release her body, a forensic autopsy would have to take place.

The case is now being investigated by the police inspectorate. “At the moment, I can confirm that the case is being investigated by the staff of the Inspection Service Office. From the checks carried out so far, it does not appear that there was any illegal behavior on the part of the police,” Andrea Dobiášová from the office told the portal.

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