The euro does not mean depreciated. Why do I have to explain it to politicians? Mora, Hampl, picar and Zahradnk debated about the euro in esk


MIs the debate about such a “proven” topic as the euro and its potential benefits for the Czech Republic something new? This is bad for both the discussion and the audience. At the Fru Hospodské new events at the end of the night, they optimally supplemented the two variables, and as a result, the vision was also bearable even for ordinary listeners.

It took place at the Hotel Augustine, right across from the small-party headquarters of the Ministry of Finance, which should play a crucial role when the euro is introduced.

In the pockets reserved for the main actors of the debate, two prominent supporters of the preservation of the crown and two supporters of drinking euros sat down. Mojmr Hampl, the current chairman of the National Budget Council, and Marek Mora, who is today the deputy minister of finance, fought for their own money and what the dream is connected to.

Both are known to the public as vice-governors of the Czech National Bank. From the position of number two and three of all national banks, they have co-founded the Czech monetary policy for the last fifteen years or so. And as a central bank, for him the koruna was stable in the world, he probably argues even today.

Radek Picar, vice-president for economic policy and export of the Union of Industry and Transport, and Petr Zahradnk, an economist specializing in the EU’s economic policy, member of the National Economic Council of the Government and advisor to the Minister for European Affairs, presented the arguments for the euro.

A non-traditional recap of the “crown vs. euro” was the call of the moderator, who was the editor of the Hospodské noviny Jaroslav Maek, to allow the opposing party to fall into the wrong side of the debate. So that they try to argue what would be good for the euro, even when they are not for it. And conversely.

Who help floating course

The very first argument, the removal of the exchange rate risk, is represented in the audience for businessmen – among them were industrialists and the heads of prominent banks – especially the most important.

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  • How m euro disadvantages?
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  • What does the public say when it comes to the euro, what is the most important thing?

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