Summary 24.4. – Europe did not maintain the morning’s positive tuning, US markets are looking at the results of technology leaders, BCPP in the red zero, koruna weaker, oil around USD 88, gold around USD 2320

In the middle of the week, with roughly average liquidity, the Prague Stock Exchange followed the general European trend and closed in the red after most of the day in the positives.

European stock markets rose slightly for most of the day, but later in the afternoon began to lose ground and slip slightly into the red. Investors focused on corporate earnings reports and comments from central banks. In the second half of the day, the comments of the head of the UBS bank had a negative impact, who, in response to proposals for a new strengthening of capital requirements, noted that the bank is definitely not “too big to fail”. His comments contributed to the decline of the bank index in the final by about 1.5%.

The technology sector is improving by more than 2% today after Tesla’s results yesterday. Although its results were not good, Musk promised to speed up the introduction of new, more affordable models, and this was greatly appreciated by the market. The sector was also supported by strong results from Dutch semiconductor manufacturer ASM International.

US stock markets start the day slightly in the plus with support in technology. The markets are in tense anticipation of the results of the technological leaders. Today it’s IBM and Meta’s turn, tomorrow Alphabet, Intel and Microsoft. Also a few “traditional” companies like Ford, General Dynamic, Boeing and tomorrow Merck, Caterpillar Northorp Grumman and others. Roughly a third of the main SP 500 index should present results this week.


The US dollar is strengthening slightly against the euro today.

The crown failed to sustain the morning gains and weakened in both major pairs for most of the day.


Oil remained mostly within touching distance of the $88 per barrel mark today.

Gold lost slightly against the stronger dollar, hovering near $2,320 an ounce.


BCPP today, especially in the first half of the day, was positively influenced by the interest in Erste and Moneta shares and the selling sentiment on ČEZ. Interest in the first-named pair waned as the day progressed. KB shares are slightly in the red in anticipation of VH results with increased liquidity.

The market is apparently taking the information about the STAN movement’s proposals for the possible introduction of a sectoral tax for the banking sector in stride. Likewise, the activities of CEZ’s minority shareholders in relation to the state’s extraordinary tax regulation.

Prague Stock Exchange

Conclusion 4/24/2024

Name Course Change Volume Yesterday
COLT(CZG) 630.00 0.32% 2.80 million 628.00
ČEZ 847.00 -0.94% 95.74 million 855.00
ERSTE 1119.00 0.36% 130.80 million 1115.00
GEN(NORTON) 510.00 3.24% 0.08 million 494.00
GEVORKYAN 252.00 -2.33% 0.35 million 258.00
KB 869.50 -0.29% 204.48 million 872.00
KOFOLA 275.00 0.73% 0.48 million 273.00
COIN 103.00 0.00% 44.66 million 103.00
PHOTON 44.65 -2.08% 0.20 million 45.60
PILL 181.00 -4.74% 0.37 million 190.00
P.M 15840.00 0.00% 5.50 million 15840.00
PRIMOCO 890.00 0.00% 0.20 million 890.00
VIG 750.00 0.67% 2.76 million 745.00
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12h – Europe continues to grow, BCPP adds thanks to Erste and Moneta, dollar strengthens, oil and gold weaken slightly

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