Other closures at Brod: at Pohled started today, restrictions on the bypass are approaching


/VIDEO/ A number of new road closures and restrictions await drivers in Havlíčková Brod and its surroundings. From Wednesday, drivers will not be able to drive through road I/19 from Pohled na Přibyslav and Žďár nad Sázavou. The view will subsequently be further restricted due to the construction of the intersection. The construction of new traffic lights on the northeastern bypass of Havlíčkov Brod will also begin soon.

The old family house gives way to the new intersection in Pohled.

| Video: Diary/Štepánka Saadouni

It lasts from April to the end of August closure in Baštínov. Due to the repair of the dam of the pond and the road over the dam. Long detours await the driver. They will not drive along the road from Havlíčkov Brod to Vysoké. “The bypass route leads along a first-class road and a new bypass,” Martin Stehno from the Havlíčkobrod transport department informed the driver. The route for locals is from Vysoké to Šlapanov through Smilov and Pozovice to Štoky and there along the first-class road to Havlíčkov Brod. “We’ll go for a walk,” complain mainly residents of Šlapanov. The mayor of Šlapanova, Veronika Vyšinská, confirmed this to the newspaper.

Reconstruction of the road and pond in Baštínov in Havlíčkobrodsk. It starts after Easter and ends at the end of summer

The road closure in Baštínov forces drivers to take a detour. The Šlapanovskýs will go for a ride

From mid-April to mid-October. That’s how long drivers will pass by Havlíčkov Brod along the bridge near Pohledské Dvořák one lane. According to the Directorate of Roads and Highways (ŘSD), the Pohledské Dvořák bridge needed repair. “The reconstruction of the bridge is divided into halves, drivers are in for a partial restriction,” informed Jiří Veselý, spokesman for the ŘSD for the Vysočina Region.

Some drivers do not like the delay on the first class road number 34. “It’s worst in the morning and after two o’clock in the afternoon. The convoy is a kilometer long, if possible, I go to Přibyslav via Dlouha Ves, for example, but I have to go this way to Pohled or Česká Běla,” complained courier van driver Milan Vomela.

Police are asking for the public's cooperation. Illustration photo: Deník/Lukáš Kaboň

The repair of the bridge in Brod attracted thieves. He stole more than a hundred meters of guardrails

From Wednesday, April 24, another closure was added at Pohledu na silinici I/19, where the Directorate of Roads and Highways (ŘSD) began to repair the collapsing slope near Simtan. Repairs will take a month. The official detour from Brod to Přibyslav goes through Krátká Ves. Trucks will drive along road 34 as far as Ždírc nad Doubravau. From there, follow road 37 to Žďár nad Sázavou. The repair of the slope in Simtany will immediately be followed by the repair of the intersection directly in Pohled.

The village center will be closed until mid-August. Because of the intersection, the investor, ŘSD, will have two houses by the road demolished. “It’s already started again. I’m already nervous. One closure after another, but it probably can’t be any other way,” sighed driver Josef Kubát from Havlíčková Brod.

Cars loaded with aggregates, which rushed down the winding road in Pohled, troubled the locals.

Cars from the quarry in Pohled must slow down. They are watched by a camera and a brake sign

Drivers must pay attention even in Havlíčková Brod. From mid-March to the end of July, Dobrovského Street is dug up. The planned reconstruction of the street continues with the second stage, Barbora Kobzinová Street has also been added to it. The bypass route leads along Husova and Pražská streets. “It’s hard to get out by car, you can’t walk here, anyone who doesn’t know Brod shouldn’t even go to the center,” said local Jiří Velíšek.

What awaits the driver at Havlíčkov Brod:

  • Closed in Baštínov: From April 1 to August 31. A two-way detour route leads from Vysoké to Šlapanov via Smilov and Pozovice to Štoky and there on the first-class road to Havlíčkov Brod.
  • Bridge near Pohledské Dvořák: From April 17 to October 11. One lane passage. The route from Havlíčkov Brod to Přibyslav can be chosen without restrictions even through Dlouha Ves.
  • Closure in Pohled village: From April 24 to August 12 on road I/19. Repair of the road slope near Simtan. The following is the modification of the intersection in the village. The official detour from Brod to Přibyslav goes through Krátká Ves. Trucks will drive along road 34 as far as Ždírc nad Doubravau. From there, follow road 37 to Žďár nad Sázavou.
  • Closures in Havlíčková Brod: From March 11 to July 31, reconstruction of Dobrovského, Kobzinová and PF Ledvinka streets. Detour route via Husova and Pražská streets.
  • From April 29 to August 31, Kyjovská Street is being renovated. Narrowed lanes, the traffic light controls the passage.

In addition to Dobrovského Street, traffic in Brod is also currently restricted in Kyjovská Street. From April 29 to August 31, workers will improve the road there, where a pedestrian crossing and a traffic light will be added. “Communication I/38 will be narrowed to only two lanes for each direction of travel. Traffic lights will be placed on the I/38 road to direct traffic. From Kyjovská Street it will not be possible to exit onto the I/38 road, part of the street will be one-way in the direction of Konečná Street,” pointed out Martin Stehno from the Department of Transport.


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