Biden signed aid to Ukraine

Biden signed aid to Ukraine
Biden signed aid to Ukraine

In a speech after signing the law, according to Reuters, Biden said that this step strengthens the security of the United States and the entire world. “Now we have to act fast,” he said in reference to US military aid deliveries to Ukraine, which have been blocked since late last year due to a lack of funding. He added that the Americans will start sending military equipment to Ukraine in the next few hours.

Biden’s signature will release $61 billion in aid to Ukraine. Part of the aid, roughly nine to ten billion dollars, will be given to countries in the form of loans. Roughly $23 billion is then earmarked for the purchase of weapons and ammunition for the US military’s stockpiles, from which Washington sends aid to Kiev.

Part of the weapons for Ukraine, for example artillery shells, missiles for anti-aircraft systems or other ammunition and weapons, are said to be already in warehouses in Europe. Thanks to this, they could reach the Ukrainian troops within a few days or weeks at the most.

The package also includes new regulation of the social network TikTok. The Americans want to force the Chinese company ByteDance to sell it. He will have up to 12 months to do this. If they do not do so, the law envisages banning them from operating on American soil. American lawmakers justify the measures with concerns about the misuse of the data of American users of the social platform by Beijing. ByteDance will probably challenge the law in court.

The US Senate has already approved aid to Ukraine

The war in Ukraine

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