The driver crashed into a parked car at four per mile. He ran away from the accident

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A drunk driver damaged three cars in an accident.
Author: PČR

1/9/2022 1:15 p.m

NETOLICE – A heavily intoxicated thirty-two-year-old foreigner got behind the wheel of a VW Passat on Tuesday, August 30 after 10 p.m. and set off on his way through the streets of Netolic. But he couldn’t manage the steering and crashed into a parked car, which bounced the impact onto another car. The man then tried to run away from the accident. But he didn’t succeed.

A drunk driver damaged three cars in an accident. , Author: PČR

A drunk driver damaged three cars in an accident. , Author: PČR

A drunken man in a VW Passat failed to drive in Gregorova Street in Netolice. He crashed into a parked Opel Zafira from behind. The impact sent the Ford Galaxy in front of him flying. The driver ran away from the accident. “However, the Netolic policemen managed to track him down in a short time not far from here. They measured almost four per thousand of alcohol in the suspect’s breath,” said Martina Joklová, spokeswoman for the Prachatice police.

There were no injuries in the traffic accident. Material damage to the vehicles is preliminarily estimated at 90,000 crowns. “Further checks are carried out by the traffic police in abbreviated preliminary proceedings, therefore the suspect will also have to answer for his actions in court within two weeks. If proven guilty, he faces up to three years in prison,” informed Martina Joklová.

Author: Monika Prokýšková

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