VIDEO: Kno po esk Amazon. Only crocodiles and malrias have bugs in their lungs

Water attractive cut about 150 meters behind the rocky massif, into which it disappears around the bend. The brush of fire, therefore, immediately pours vodka into the water of the voyage. You sit in the boat, the sky darkens and as the rocky cleft grows colder. The steep pskov glass gradually narrows, then a stop and up into a 15-meter-long tunnel.

A little daylight penetrated to the levels of about the third of the corridor. It follows 40 meters in the dark with a glimpse of light at the end of the tunnel. As he wanders into the real world, he hears the sound of water. It’s about a meter of stairs, which is just the beginning of this unique adventure on Plounica.

We climbed the steps to tn under the rock with a total of ct. My hek Kuba still weighed barely 40 kilograms, so the poor state of the water could not throw us off. Halfway down the boat we got stuck on the edge and it was only a scrap with dirt from the bottom and sides. It would like to sleep. Some of these passengers did it by entering the ship, climbing over the edge and trying to board it again. And it was a good act of the floor, because even when there is not much water in the river, there are perhaps those meters below the level in the shade. Local children here jump from the glass below the tunnel from maybe five or six meters and they obviously don’t hit the bottom.

The first path towards Mimon is calm. You click between mills, stones and discarded PET bottles. The water itself didn’t seem very clear to me, but it was full of fish, which reassured me that the ovens wouldn’t be there otherwise. To this idyll, you will be accompanied by the press of the age, who will accompany you throughout the entire cruise. The blue ones are extremely fearless and sit with you in the boat, the children on epics and everything. Then there are the green ones that look like a helicopter. After that, the children ducked because they were afraid of them.

Titanic on the esk of the Amazon. One of the irch sec above Mimon.

During the five-kilometer journey to Mimon, we got off the boat twice. At first due to caution at the small weir, which we preferred to cross in one, so that the boat would not break. The others sanded it just fine even in tech. The plastic boat, against the laminate ones, can withstand unpleasant treatment. For a while, I went into the water by the overturned steps, where the culvert was so tight that the boat would get stuck in the sides. Get out comfortably in a mini-pigeon, have water up to your feet, and you’ll be able to take the boat down. The reward is a beautiful beach with an island, where you can replenish your energy and rest your stomach.

After fifteen minutes of hunting and observing, we discover that we are being watched by a group of wild pigeons. Let’s go out and dove with them. Always dust and smoke, and we’ll finish them. As soon as we got rid of the pesky birds, we spotted a heron around the bend. eka was less than a few meters tall in these places. When the heron took off, it essentially took up the entire riverbed. We just thought it would lift you up. Also good

They wrote in the guidebook that Plounice is a well-guided ship. It’s not a Lunice-type irok day. And if by chance the trough is flat, you will still click under. And they were right.

Men eat above Mimon. Drive according to the state of the water.

What seemed like a slalom was nothing compared to what awaited us below Mimon, where the Meanders of Plounice began. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

We sailed quite calmly to Mimon. We anchor under the beautiful stone bridge near the German park. There was a lot of water because we are at the confluence with some small stream. There are shoals of fish, ducks with mallets, the water is warm and clear of water. eka is regulated in Mimoni, much more not above the town, but below the tee. That’s actually due to vc. She, the Plounice, is actually in the entire stream under the tea. It’s definitely not a boring oil, like on other seasoned Czechs. Once it meandered, you would need it to flow more slowly. A little outside the city, this riverbed narrows and narrows. Vegetation gradually grows and the slalom starts again. In addition, the bag is able to turn around a tree on the run to the right, so that it can do the same thing 10 meters longer, for a change of 180 degrees, but to the other side.

A typical figure from a meander. Choose where you will go. You don’t have a lot of options.

The cruise we chose was about 14 kilometers long. And you certainly wouldn’t expect it to take five and a half hours. When I take off half an hour to the Oberstven and rn, it’s worth it. For those few kilometers, the ticket is full of color changes. From the first stream, with a maximum of three meters, it will gradually grow into such a Svratka around Mimon. Well, those meanders are probably the most similar to the Old River on Lunica, with the difference that Plounice is below the tee and the town is in the forest, in an overgrown riverbed deep below the thorn meadow.

Getting out for a run is practically impossible. The mud runs are large and two meters high, and the impression of the jungle is enhanced by the world’s largest spears that you have ever seen. Here and there, a path is blazed by wild beasts, who walk to what they eat. It could be done this way.

The climb from the water to the kiosk was quite difficult.

Behind every bend, you know that it has to end and that it will open up and straighten out. Nowhere. You are constantly clicking between metal and fallen trees. Under, climb onto the logs just under the surface, pull the lo and get on again. I don’t even know how many times you push the counter to even find out where this one is going.

They observed us in the moving boat, and no one would help us in the meanders if needed. And they asked us if we could drink or eat. We also heard a story about a stray tree that was waiting for sacrifice from all sides, but we didn’t really buy it for about an hour. Below you can see his dry pike once on the left, after twenty minutes on the right, for a while it is behind you, and then again in front of you. When you look at the map, they really do everything so that you don’t end up anywhere. If it was possible to get out, let’s run 100 meters after you, you would be able to run twenty stops and one kilometer.

eka is so overgrown that you can barely get through it

But that would not be an adventure. Even when hek Kuba stayed at the end of the cruise. nava manifested itself in the fact that he refused to land, did not want to get out of the ship when it was too late, or to hold on to the water when it was necessary to avoid drinking in the eye. Redeemed drank after about two hours. At that moment, the lake got a little rough, it broke, and it seemed that voices could be heard from the tboit on Borek, on their way to the Amazon.

When we were describing our adventures at home, my daughter decided that she had to put our first decision into practice. A week later, we completed the same section of the ride once. Although with a different floor, but it was still the same.

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