Today, Lenny releases Heartbreak Culture, which leans towards rock

Today, Lenny releases Heartbreak Culture, which leans towards rock
Today, Lenny releases Heartbreak Culture, which leans towards rock

Prague – Singer and composer Lenny releases her third album Heartbreak Culture today, on which she leans more towards rock music than in her previous work. The 28-year-old singer has gravitated towards this style since she was young, but so far it has manifested itself in only a few of her songs in the past. Lenny was introduced to rock music by her father, who raised her on the music of the bands AC/DC, Rolling Stones and Deep Purple. Lenny said this in an interview with ČTK.

“But because the piano I play won over the guitar, it diverted my work a little from rock. But in collaboration with other musicians, I started working on it again,” she said.

On the Heartbreak Culture album, Lenny sings in English again. It also features the song Lithium created with the help of the American producer and rapper Mike Shinoda and the song Overdosed, on which Lenny collaborated with the British producer Dan Lancaster. The ballad Friends For Life features Dutch singer remme. In addition to foreign collaborators, Lenny returns to domestic producers Marcel Procházek and Ondřej Fiedler for new releases. Marcus Tran produced the opening song of the Superpower album, which also featured rapper Marpo.

“Until recently, Ondřej Fiedler was the only one I trusted. But there was an evolution when I decided to allow more people to record and I did well. The foreign producers in particular gave the record a different face and working with them was rewarding for me,” she said.

On the album Heartbreak Culture there are mostly short songs, their length often does not even exceed three minutes. “Even if I don’t focus on trends and I don’t try to get on the radio at all costs, time demands it. Radios usually cut songs before the third minute anyway,” she pointed out.

Lenny presented some new compositions at summer concerts. Among other things, she performed at the Metronome Prague festival, or at one of the biggest European music events, the Sziget festival in Budapest.

Lenny is now preparing for a concert in Prague’s O2 universe, which will take place on November 24. “This is a concert postponed twice due to the pandemic, it was originally intended for the previous album Weird & Wonderful. Now we have more songs available, so it can be taken as a kind of best of with songs that listeners are looking forward to and new compositions.” she stated.

Lenny, who studied modern music at a conservatory in London, signed a global deal with Germany’s Universal Music five years ago and has had success abroad in the past. The daughter of singer Lenka Filipová broke through especially on the Italian market, where her own composition Hell.o stayed on the top of the most listened to Italian radio stations for several weeks.

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