What will the 65th tournament of the returning GCF offer today?

What will the 65th tournament of the returning GCF offer today?
What will the 65th tournament of the returning GCF offer today?

The oldest domestic MMA organization GCF is planning at least two tournaments for the rest of this year. GCF 65 will take place in Příbram on September 3, followed by GCF 66 in Olomouc on October 9. But the new promoter of the organization, Vladimír Kadlec, did not rule out that there will be more mixed martial arts evenings under the GCF banner before the end of this year. What will the nearest one offer?

GCF promoter Vláďa Kadlec continues to dig into Vémola and sends him a clear message

The new GCF will start with a tournament in Příbram, where the GCF tournament has been successfully held several times in the past. Viktor Pavlíček will have the main match. Next, local fighter Jakub Šindelář will present himself. We will gradually announce other interesting names and matches. This will be followed by Olomouc in October, where the GCF will take place in the local Clarion Hotel and the tournament is organized there by our partner, who has organized the GCF here several times in the past, and the tournament will rather be under his baton. We will publish the names from the fight card gradually, but I believe that our fans will be excited. We want to stick to our philosophy and give chances to promising young wrestlers. Additional evenings this year may be announced later as negotiations are still ongoing. But we are not planning the most changes and innovations until 2023,” announced GCF promoter Vladimír Kadlec, who is also known as one of the most successful domestic YouTubers under the VladaVideos brand. Both tournaments will be broadcast live on Nova Sport 2.

GCF 65 Tournament Card:


70kg – Lightweight – 3 x 5 min

Mantas Selvenis / Latvia

Jakub Šindelář / Pankration gym Příbram


93kg – Light heavyweight – 3×5 min

Milan Simonović – Serbia

Martin Horský / PriMMat gym Prague


70kg – Lightweight – 3×5 min

Marco Gucu / Serbia

David Tiep / Gorilla MMA Prague


77kg – Welterweight – 3 x 5 min

Martin Čečil – RK Vale Tudo Znojmo

Miroslav Krybus / Pankration gym Příbram


IMMAF -70kg – 3x3min

Andreas Rasumny / Germany

Jan Mašek / Pankration Příbram


IMMAF -84kg – 3x3min

Oliver Urbanek / MMA Chomutov

Matyáš Pasálek / Gorilla MMA Prague


IMMAF -77kg – 3x3min

Andreas Dik / Germany

Václav Žemla / Gorilla MMA Prague


IMMAF -66kg – 3x3min

Marton Jerger / Hungary

Jindřich Ungr / MMA Chomutov


MMAF -70kg – 3x3min

Marcel Máša / Muay Thai Brno

Vojtěch Khol / Good Luck gym Hradec Králové


IMMAF -70kg 3x3min

Petar Mitrović / Serbia

Ivan Žďánský / PriMMAt gym Prague

How does promoter Kadlec invite fans to the event and what would he say to them? “Let them definitely go and see, because there are guys there who will shake up the Czech MMA scene in the future. And to see them at the beginning of their careers is very exciting in itself. Also, definitely come and see the electrifying atmosphere of the organization, which was one of the first here… The main moderator will be Petr Jirák, a streamer from Twitch, who has organized many League of Legends tournaments. And the reporter will be Sára Klimešová, presenter of Hitrádia Faktor. I will be doing post-match interviews with the fighters. We’re all influencers, and that’s what makes it magical.” revealed Vláď to iSport.cz.

Tickets can be bought, for example, HERE.

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