A dangerous challenge is spreading among the children, the mother found her son dead

A dangerous challenge is spreading among the children, the mother found her son dead
A dangerous challenge is spreading among the children, the mother found her son dead

The “blackout challenge” is spreading on the social network TikTok, which is taking the lives of children. Several young lives have already been lost during its implementation. The last time this happened was last Thursday in Scotland, where a 14-year-old boy died. According to Czech rescuers, fortunately, these incidents do not occur in our country yet.

The “blackout challenge”, which is spreading on the social network TikTok, encourages users to either individually or strangle each other to unconsciousness. They have to prove to themselves that they are brave. According to the challenge, he will quickly wake up from unconsciousness, which may not be true, as many of those who decided to fulfill it have found out.

A few days ago, 14-year-old Leon Brown from Cumbernauld, Scotland, became convinced of this. Last week on Thursday, his mother found him in his room, the boy was no longer showing signs of life. It was reported by the Mirror portal.

​​”Leon’s friend told me that my son was doing a FaceTime challenge with his friends after seeing her on tiktok. They probably thought there was no danger. Unfortunately, it went horribly wrong. So I ask everyone to avoid similar challenges they didn’t participate. Human life is not worth any number of likes,” pleads Lauryn Keating, Leon’s mom.

Leon’s case is far from the first

At the same time, it is not so long ago that another boy died under the same circumstances. According to the Independent newspaper, 12-year-old Archie Battersbee breathed his last on August 6 of this year in a London hospital, where he had been lying since April. He ended up there after participating in the same challenge.

​​At the beginning of 2021, a four-year-old girl in Palermo, Sicily, found her ten-year-old sister Antonella Sicomerová on the bathroom floor. She also took part in a terrifying challenge on the social network TikTok, as a result of which she suffocated. The girl’s parents subsequently donated her organs to save three more children, The Sun website reported.

There are no similar cases in the Czech Republic yet

“There has not yet been any outing where we would deal with an unconscious child after fulfilling such a challenge. We have not experienced anything similar from colleagues from other regions either,” Monika Nováková, spokeswoman for Central Bohemian rescuers, told TN.cz. Her words are confirmed by the spokesperson of the Hradec Králové rescue service, Ivo Novák: “I dare to say that not only in the Hradec Králové region, but also elsewhere in the Czech Republic, nothing like this has happened yet.”

​According to Jana Poštová, spokeswoman for the Medical Rescue Service of the Capital City of Prague, however, emergency responders often do not know the exact circumstances and causes that led to individual interventions. “Nevertheless, I think we would know something so specific, at the moment I don’t know of any such exit,” she concluded.


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