Czech vs. Slovak, big derby in the ring. And in treacherous little gloves

Back in the ring.PHOTO: with the consent of Pavel Šach

The battle of Czechs and Slovaks always attracts attention. Another such fight will be a special duel at PML 4: Legends in Prague, Pavel Šach vs. Daniel Hromek. The fourth installment of the Professional Muaythai League will take place in Prague’s Královka hall. The entire gala evening will become a reality on October 8.

Chess has a balance of 27 victories from 35 appearances and can include the victory over Vladimír Idrányi among the most valuable scalps. Will he beat another Slovak representative?

Hromek has also tried his hand at the Oktagon MMA organization, where he finished off the experienced Igor Daniš before the limit. In Thai boxing, Hromek won 30 out of 40 fights. Anonymus will want to end the fight before the time limit, that’s the plan.

“I think the small gloves are treacherous and dangerous, it can be about one accurate strike. I think I have to finish him early, that’s for sure. I love the rules of muay-thai, so it can go with any technique in any round.” thinks about the fight Thunder.

Current matches
The finale of the pyramid for the PML title up to 70 kg
Pavel Chess – Daniel Hromek (Muaythai up to 80 kg – small gloves)
Leonard Borák – Jan Holec (Muaythai up to 65 kg)
Ludek Greguš – Norbert Speth (Muaythai up to 65 kg)
Daniel Brunclík – Branislav Zuzák (Muaythai up to 88 kg)
Ondřej Malina – Ivo Crhák (Muaythai up to 80 kg)
Pyramid Semi-Finals 1 & 2: Michael Krčmář, Michal Vacek, Henrik Koczó, Marco Novák

The duel will be specific precisely because of this essential fact. It will be the only match of the evening that will take place in small MMA gloves. This promises an attractive fight.

“Great Czechoslovak derby,” says PML promoter Tomáš Tadlanek. “Great talents and two different styles. Chess benefits from excellent boxing in matches, he has already finished many of his opponents. On the other hand, Dano Hromek is an orthodox Thai boxer who has also tried MMA. He has excellent elbows, knees and kicks,” the promoter finds differences .

“It will be about who will establish his own style. I assume that Shah will push the opponent and try to knock him out. I think Hromek will want to play a typical Thai game, i.e. shorten the distance and clinch a lot in order to use sharp elbows. it’s the only match in small gloves in the entire tournament,” added Tadlánek.

Tickets for the PML 4 tournament will be available soon on the Ticketportal network. The broadcast will be broadcast by the platform.

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