Rising contributions, rental and loan prices. Even Kobra is struggling with energy prices

“Hopefully it won’t turn out like Nikolajka, where they decided not to start the season. There are many stadiums around the country that are at risk. Some start later and no one knows how long they will go. For example, Černošice declare that they may last until December, but then it will be difficult. Velké Popovice also has big problems. I believe that the state will stand up to this and help,” says Šeba.

Rising energy prices understandably also affected his club Kobra Praha. “We used to pay 300,000 per month, now in August it comes out to about 650,000. This is no fun,” he states.

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The whole of Prague 4 therefore had to resort to several measures. He has increased membership fees and ice rental prices, will lower the temperature in the cabins and also dim the lighting in the stadium. “It’s also not ideal for training children. All the clubs in Prague have agreed that we will raise membership fees by three hundred crowns. But that’s like nothing. But we can’t pass everything on to our parents,” Šeba realizes.

“The price of renting an ice surface in Prague has risen by roughly thirty to thirty-five percent. We’ll see how it goes on. There would have to be more and more measures gradually,” reveals President Kobry.

“We also took out a loan of one million crowns, which I assume we should receive now at the beginning of September. This will cover part of the costs until December. If the market price is still the same as it is now in December, we will have to go for a loan again and refinance it in some way,” he adds.

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According to Šeb, the city of Prague is also helping the club. “It reacted immediately when the jump increased. But it does not have enough funds to fully help all sports venues,” he states.

As he says, under these circumstances, only the stadiums where the extra league is played have a chance to survive. “But it’s a big burden for them too,” points out Šeba, who is mainly afraid of the effects that rising prices can have on the future of young athletes.

“It is a great danger. Youth should not have a place to play sports. See how it looks after the lockdown. Fewer children have returned, obesity is increasing… We need to support the health of the nation,” reports Šeba, hoping that help and relief will come from the state. But how the sports grounds will survive until then remains unclear.

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