The Queen Elizabeth II. (96): LAST PHOTO!

For now, the last published pictures of Elizabeth II. were created on 6 September while the Queen was waiting in the Balmoral drawing room for Liz Truss (47), the new British Prime Minister. She was wearing a checkered skirt, a gray sweater, pearls around her neck – and a smile on her lips that showed no signs of being angry. And this despite the fact that Trussová left her waiting – the plane of the Prime Minister, who took office after Boris Johnson (58), was delayed due to fog over Aberdeen Airport.

It was Truss who then commented on the chilling news about the deteriorating health of the beloved monarch on Twitter. “The whole country is deeply disturbed by this news,” the Prime Minister wrote on social media after a palace spokesman spoke of doctors’ concerns for Her Majesty’s health. Together with them, Elizabeth II. even the whole nation started to fear… “The thoughts of the people are with the Queen and her family,” Truss added.

What will cause the death of the British Queen Elizabeth II? Business Insider

On Tuesday, the Queen had a very demanding day full of work duties, after which the Regent was advised to rest. This lady, sitting on the throne of England for an incredible 70 years, remained at Balmoral under medical supervision. And then everyone got scared when family members started coming to her, from children to grandchildren. As if she wanted to say goodbye to her loved ones…

The last photos, in which Alžběta is smiling mischievously, are a nice memento of her indomitable spirit. He doesn’t lose his good mood even because of protracted health problems…

The last photos of Queen Elizabeth II.

The last photos of Queen Elizabeth II.

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