GRU: Russian agents to blame for the Havana syndrome?


The Havana syndrome began to be talked about in 2016 in connection with the neurological problems of American diplomats working in the Cuban capital. Problems such as headaches, fatigue, hearing distortion, but also dizziness and nausea have since been reported by diplomats, CIA agents or family members of these persons operating in a number of other countries including Austria, Colombia or Vietnam.

Russia has previously denied any involvement in these events. However, according to The Insider’s findings, members of Russian military intelligence from unit 29155 were in the cities where the “Havana syndrome” appeared. which the media had previously linked, for example, to the nerve agent poisoning of the former Russian secret agent Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia in Britain, or the gunsmith Emiliyan Gebrev in Bulgaria. Gebrev also had weapons stored in Moravian Vrbětice in October 2014, when a devastating explosion hit the ammunition warehouse there. The Czech authorities also suspect members of the GRU from 2021 at the latest in this explosion.

In connection with the “Havana syndrome” and the possible involvement of Russian intelligence personnel The Insider mentions so-called acoustic weapons. He said that among his main findings was that high-ranking members of the said GRU had received awards for their contribution to the development of these weapons. The term acoustic weapon is used in Russian military literature to denote a device that can hit a victim’s brain with the help of high-frequency waves, the portal noted.

The first case of “Havana syndrome” se according to the investigative portal, it could have occurred earlier than in 2016. According to him, there were two “attacks” in 2014 in Frankfurt am Main, one of the victims being an employee of the US consulate.

The American newspaper The Washington Post wrote last year that according to an analysis by five US intelligence agencies, the “Havana syndrome” was most likely not caused by an attack by a hostile government or a weapon or device that emitted energy beams. He also stated that the explanation for the phenomenon remains unclear.

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