Dozens of migrants ended up in Crete. More and more of them are heading to the neighboring island, which is bursting at the seams


The boat with 74 people on board was found on Sunday evening less than 50 kilometers south of the small Greek island of Gavdos, the coast guard said, adding that 73 men and one woman were subsequently transported to the nearby island of Crete.

It is not immediately clear when and from where the boat left or from which countries the migrants come.

The tourist-popular island of Gavdos and the southern coast of Crete have been dealing with an increase in the number of migrants in recent months. In several cases, the Coast Guard said they crossed the Mediterranean Sea from the eastern Libyan port of Tobruk.

Greece was at the center of the migration crisis in 2015, when more than one million migrants, mostly refugees from Syria, headed to Europe through it. Since then, the number of migrants has fallen substantially, with more than 41,000 people arriving by sea in Greece last year, according to the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). However, it was three times compared to the previous year.

Refugees in Greece (illustrative photo)


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