Pellegrini threatens war before the presidential elections

Pellegrini threatens war before the presidential elections
Pellegrini threatens war before the presidential elections

In the campaign, Pellegrini describes himself as a politician of “calm and peace”. In the mentioned video, the headlines of articles appear in which European politicians warn against the escalation of the conflict with Russia.

“Where has any shred of common sense and prudence gone? Do you see what is happening around us? Do you notice what it is trying to prepare us all for?” Pellegrini asks suggestive questions in the video.

At the same time, he does not mention that he would have more authority in his current capacity as Speaker of Parliament, not as President, when deciding on any involvement of the country in a war conflict. The sending of soldiers abroad is decided by the government and must be approved by the parliament.

“I will not allow Slovakia to behave according to the needs and plans of the arms manufacturers and the politicians who represent them. Please, the situation is serious, so be sure to come and vote,” Pellegrini urged in the video. At the end of the video, the words “Come to vote, it’s all about” appear.

Korčok: The president cannot send soldiers anywhere

In the video, the head of the parliament does not mention his opponent Ivan Korčok, who narrowly won the first round of the presidential election, but Pellegrini and other politicians from his Hlas-Social Democracy party repeatedly suggest to Slovak voters that Korčok, if elected to the presidency, would send Slovak soldiers to Ukraine.

At the same time, Korčok emphasized once again that the head of state does not have such competence.

A similar motif appeared in the campaign before the Czech presidential elections. Unsuccessful candidate Andrej Babiš assured on billboards that, unlike his opponent Petr Pavel, he would not drag the Czech Republic into war, because he is not a general, but a diplomat. He received criticism for it.

Pellegrini announced on Tuesday that he will not participate in the announced duel with Korčok on Radio Expres because he will be in the regions. However, he confirmed his participation in the evening discussion on Markíza TV.

Korčok won the first round with 42.5 percent of the votes ahead of Pellegrini, who received 37 percent of the vote. The second round of the presidential election will be this Saturday, April 6.

Pellegrini abandoned the tactics of silence before the second round


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