Pellegrini abandoned the tactics of silence before the second round


Now the speaker of the parliament appears at the press conferences of the ministers, he visited the meeting of the security council of the state, he had a statement of support from the unsuccessful candidate from the first round, Krisztián Forró, who was supposed to secure him the votes of citizens of Hungarian nationality.

And above all, he goes to duels and confronts Korčok. Pellegrini’s staff sees this as an opportunity to tip the scales in his favor in the second round.

On Easter, both candidates appeared in the church, both participated in the tourist climb. Korčok visited the mound of Milan Rastislav Štefánik on Bradla, and Pellegrini stepped on Velká Javorina.

Pellegrini brushed against Pavel in the debate with Korčok: The general wants to fight


After the first round, Korčok bet on meeting voters in squares in Bratislava, Košice, Prešov, Banská Bystrica, Žilina and other cities. Pellegrini appeared, for example, in the south of Slovakia, where the Hungarian minority lives.

Pellegrini can win with the help of the votes of unsuccessful candidates from the first round, because Korčok has nowhere to draw a large number of new voters.

But the at first glance unequivocal support from Forró turned into a farce after a few hours, when Forró’s parent party, the Hungarian Coalition, distanced itself from the support of the Speaker of the Parliament.

Miroslav Jureňa, head of Štefan Harabin’s election team, also claimed that the former president of the Supreme Court supports Pellegrini in the second round. Harabin himself denied it after a few hours and fired the head of the election staff.

Harabin finished third in the first round, with nearly 265,000 people casting his vote, and this confusion may have unsettled his voters ahead of the second round.

If we wanted to simplify it, it is Harabin’s voters who can decide on the winner. When they come to the polls and vote for Pellegrini, his opponent has nowhere to take such a large number of new voters.

Pellegrini can win the majority of voters of unsuccessful candidates in the second round


If Harabin’s voters from the first round do not show up for the second round this Saturday, Korčok still has a chance to win.

To address Harabin’s voters, Pellegrini used, for example, the first duel with Korčok before the second round, when he said that he agreed with the former judge in national and state interests.

But Harabin is in favor of withdrawing from NATO and wants the neutrality of Slovakia, which may bother the more moderate voters of the speaker of the parliament, who are mainly pro-Western.

And also the ministers for Robert Fico’s ruling party Direction will not waver in their support for Pellegrini. It is perhaps worth mentioning only the 500 euro (12,600 crowns) reward in the Department of Defense, which was awarded by Minister Robert Kaliňák in this pre-election period.

Otherwise, the ruling parties Smér and Andrej Danko’s Slovak National Party have not made much of an impact in the campaign so far.

That should change on Wednesday, when Fico, Pellegrini and Danko have a scheduled joint meeting, from which a joint photo will certainly appear, to make it clear that Pellegrini is the joint candidate of the governing parties.

The head of the Focus agency, Martin Slosiarik, predicts that the result of the second round of the presidential election will be very close. “I see it 50 to 50. The fight is so close that it is impossible to say from the data today who will actually win,” Slosiarik admitted to the website

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Unsuccessful candidate from the first round Forró supported Pellegrini



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